Sunday, 20 April 2014

A strange happening. Did my dog Boyden return?

Boyden 2000 - 7th July 2013
Still missing him, still love him. I always will.
This is a bit of a strange happening.
When I go upstairs now I close the door to the lounge to stop Sophie (Boyden's sister) from following me upstairs. Her back legs are not as strong as they were, and I worry about her falling and breaking a leg or herspine. It's okay if she is awake and I walk up behind her, I can catch her should she fall.
I popped upstairs yesterday, leaving Sophie fast asleep in the kitchen. I knew she wouldn't hear me going out of the room -she's deaf, although she has recently regained a little hearing. I closed the door though in case she woke up. I collected the material I needed, told my husband that I'd left her sleeping, and went downstairs. I heard a scratching noise and movement at the door. I called out, 'I'm coming now, Sophie,' and went on to say, 'Oh, you can't hear me, but I can hear you.'
Opening the lounge door carefully so as not to hurt her I discovered she wasn't there! I walked through to the kitchen and there she was fast asleep exactly where I had left her. I still can't fathom out how I heard the noise at the door.
I would like to think that it was Boyden letting us know that he is still around. I don't know.
Beautiful Sophie

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