Saturday, 30 November 2019

Freestyle embroidery picture - a work in progress

Countryside View - Freestyle Embroidery & fabric painting on a photo transfer
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Here's an embroidery I am working on. A Twitter friend Stewart Bint kindly gave me permission to use his lovely photograph.
I made a transfer of Stewart's photograph first and then prepared the material, adding interfacing. Interfacing is essential otherwise the machine embroidery can affect the work by pulling the photograph inwards.
I am highlighting areas of the photograph with freestyle embroidery and will also be using a few fabric paints, for distant tree trunks and branches. I'm quite pleased with the effect so far.
Below is my practice photo. I find this essential to try out stitches and paint before starting on the photograph I am going to use. 

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

A chat about mediums and clairvoyants

A chat about mediums and clairvoyants’

When I worked as a clairvoyant I met many interesting clients. Many were keen to share a ghost story or two with me after their reading. Or they wanted to discuss their reading.
I read the tarot cards, the crystal ball, and also gave psychometry readings. Before commencing the reading, I made a point of telling them that I could only tell them what they put into the cards when they shuffled the deck of cards that day. I also said that they should not misinterpret what I read.  In other words, they should not put their interpretation on the reading. My advice was always the same when you arrive home put the reading away, (many wrote it down, or I did for them), and look at it in a month or so. As things happen that the cards predict obviously, a client will more than likely remember what I had read for them at the time of the reading. Notice, I don’t say I what I predicted. My job as a clairvoyant was all about reading what my clients had brought with them and shuffled into the cards that particular day. No more, no less.
I also said that I did not predict that anyone would die. It’s a fact of life that people die. No responsible clairvoyant or medium should tell a clairvoyant that a member of their family is going to die. The majority of clients who arrive for a reading are looking for hope. They are probably experiencing a bad period in their life and want to know when things are likely to pick up. A few people book a reading purely out of interest to see what is coming up for them in the next twelve months.
I had rules that I strictly adhered to concerning my readings. As mentioned, I would not discuss death, unless I ‘saw’ in the cards that it was someone famous, or someone not immediately connected to them. I would also not mention anything concerning serious illness. There is no point, in worrying your client, what’s there is going to happen and whatever I ‘see’ and say is not going to stop it happening. I will mention that there is possibly a worrying time going to happen (if it is showing in the cards) but then reassure the client immediately that things will turn out right. Should I see otherwise then I would not mention it. I would look further ahead and tell them when life was going to improve for them. There are many things a clairvoyant can see in a pack of cards. But not everything. No one can see everything. I would see arguments; the majority of us have disagreements at some point in our lives. Yes, I would mention them. I would normally see a coming together a little further on. So could tell them that worrying disagreements would be resolved.
I could also see if jealousy surrounded a client. I did not mention it. Why make a client suspicious of their family or friends. That would be wrong. It would cause the client to wonder who the person was. They would no doubt suspect and accuse the wrong person. A clairvoyant or medium has no in-depth knowledge of their client’s family/friends circle. A lot of irresponsible readers will tell their clients negative happenings. I hope that I never did. I always tried to give my clients a time in the coming year when things would improve for them.