Thursday, 9 August 2018


A Strange Happening

Boyden and Sophie

The following small incident happened a few days ago. My husband was standing beside me reading something on my computer. I was busily pointing a few things out to him when he said, 'Oh, that's strange.'

I asked, 'what's strange?'

He replied, 'I thought that George (our dog) was butting me behind me knee and when I looked down for him he was fast asleep across the room.'

Strange indeed. Then my husband (who incidentally does not normally believe in ghosts) said, 'of course it must have been Boyden or Sophie, or both of them coming back to let us know that they're okay.' 

Boyden died in July 2013 and Sophie in February 2015. They were wonderful friends and I miss them both to this day.

After they died we used to hear them (or think that we did) in the house, and even feel them rush past us. I also experienced the same happening as my husband had, but not for quite a few years. I envy him.

Me with George last year. He will be four years old this Christmas.