Tuesday, 17 February 2015

A few marketing tips for Kindle

Marketing for Kindle
Link to Amazon Kindle discussion forum
Marketing your work as any Kindle author will tell you is the worst part of writing! Once you are satisfied your Kindle book ticks every box and is ready to be published a new Indie author will heave a huge sigh of relief and think they can sit back and watch the sales roll in. What a shock when the sales don’t arrive in leaps and bounds! It slowly begins to dawn on the author that something has to be done fast before their book disappears into obscurity. But what can they do?
The press were at one time a little uncertain how to market an author who does not have a paperback book to back it up and for them to glance through. Now they have got used to the idea of ebooks and you’re welcomed with open arms. Although it is useful to have a paperback to hand out. Kindle is popular and so well known presenters seem to enjoy chatting it about it as well as your book.
Facebook is a brilliant marketing tool, invite all your author friends on to it and they in turn will invite their author friends. This way you can discuss your books and see what books they have on offer and where they are selling. Sharing marketing tips this way is excellent.
 A blog is a good idea - don’t forget you have to publicise your blog, you can do this via your Facebook Page and Twitter and other blogs.
Twitter is a wonderful marketing tool, and over the years I’ve made many new online friends via this and Facebook.
Have your own website and promote it every chance you get. Try and devote a corner of your site to the particular genre of your book. My books are mainly about ghosts and the paranormal, hence I have set up a Ghost Corner where I am busy putting up different articles and hope to do readings now and again. If your genre is about solving a mystery, you could have a Mystery Corner and so on. Try and keep your website up to date, don’t let it go stale. By introducing something new every week or so people will keep returning to have a look. You can publicise it through your Facebook Page and your blog.
Put links through to Amazon in a prominent place on your site, and also include an excerpt from your book/books and the book cover.
Include a page in about yourself people love to know about authors!
There are free chat rooms on the Internet that you can download to your site an ideal opportunity to meet up with like minded people in a private room.
Above all make your site a nice friendly place where people feel welcome.

Once you have set up your blog and website your next step is to visit Amazon Kindle forums. This can appear daunting and confusing on your first visit. There are after all over a thousand discussion groups. Which one to choose is understandably a mystery. Unless you know the forum etiquette (most new visitors don’t) then it’s so easy to make mistakes and sometimes a few of the posters on the various threads get annoyed when someone flies in and just leaves a link to their book without adding to the discussion! The best thing to do is to take time and read the title of each thread to see what it is about. Look for a self-promotion thread. There are many on the Kindle boards and they welcome new authors. Some threads are titled ‘Indie authors post here. Another might have the heading April (or whichever month is appropriate) thread for Indie authors. Some threads are for the bargain books 99p. It’s advisable to read the first post in each thread to see what the person who’s started the thread wants you to leave before you post.
Once on the thread scroll down to the box beneath it you will see the message (in bold) below when you reach the box.

Add your own message to the discussion
Insert a product link
Click inside the box and say a few words about your book and then click on where it says, ‘insert a product link’, scroll down to Kindle and click on it. On the right hand side type in the name of your book and your name click, when it appears in the bar click again, and it will appear in the box below. That’s all you have to do. Click where it says post and your post will be appear  immediately in the thread. If you need to edit your post, click on the edit button, you can add and alter whatever you want and then simply repost your edited version. Your book/books will be highlighted once your post appears in the thread.
I only post a couple of times a week, normally Wednesday and Friday. It’s best not to over post as a number of posters subscribe to various threads, and they will receive every single post you make. It can be annoying!
Only post in the few self promotion threads. Things constantly change on the discussion boards. Never leave fly by posts of your book or you may well be reported by a poster, and then banned by Amazon!
Our friends across the Pond are very friendly, but posting on their Kindle Boards is different, and I would advise you to read a few of the threads before you post.
There is a Meet Our Author Forum. Do not post anywhere else apart from this forum, should you do so Amazon will ban you.  I host a couple of threads on the MOA Forum join me if you feel like a chat at anytime . Here’s the links.This is the actual Discussion thread. We’re a friendly helpful group of people.
This is a useful link where you can promote your book(s) we chat now and again.

Marketing is hard work but extremely rewarding. The main thing is never to over promote and don’t be afraid to try out new ideas. You'll soon find out whether they work or not.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Blithfield Hall is not Haunted, neither is the reservoir!

I do not have any photographs of the Hall itself. We're not allowed to take photographs without permission. This photograph is in the locality of the Hall. I took it yesterday. It shows the beautiful setting where the Hall is situated.

Blithfield Hall is not haunted
I’ve searched internet sites who report ghostly sightings that I know are simply rumour and have no actual foundation, in fact. One such place is Blithfield Hall in Staffordshire. An Elizabethan manor. It is not open to the general public. Although groups are sometimes booked in for a small tour.
I’ve read that there have been at least five ghostly sightings at Blithfield Hall. From a haunted well, to the sound of rustling skirts, to a man being seen by a cleaner. There has also been a sighting of a woman in the garden.
I wrote to Nancy Lady Bagot asking her if Blithfield Hall is haunted. Who better to ask? She had lived there from the 1950s at least. She replied that Blithfield Hall is definitely not haunted. She did write that one of her friends thought she heard something unusual during the night when she was staying but that it could have been anything.
I have put the letter that she sent to me in the records of Rugeley library.
One site even says that Blithfield is near Staffordshire! Blithfield is in the East Staffordshire.
It is also said that Blithfield reservoir is haunted by the sound of church bells ringing out at midnight. This rumour spread because the land was flooded many years ago to create the reservoir. It is rumoured that a church and houses were beneath the surface of the water. I did some research and in fact it was one house that was flooded, definitely not a church. It’s strange how rumours soon begin and spread rapidly, particularly when there is a ghost story attached to them.