Monday, 14 September 2015



Reincarnation, according to my dictionary is the rebirth of a soul in successive bodies: one of a series of such transmigrations.
For myself, I veer between totally believing in reincarnation, but logic soon steps in and I tell myself that it is simply impossible to return as someone else. I know that we all live on in our family genes, passed down from generation to generation, a form of reincarnation? Or can we actually live again as another person. Do we really get to choose the family we want to live with? Scientists would tell us definitely not. Who can blame them? What if you make the wrong choice are you allowed to return? Of course not. Once here you have to stay the course. No doubt next time around you will choose more carefully. 
What happens if you don't want to come back? Say if you've led (I'm surmising here) a few devastating lives and need a rest. Are you allowed to stay behind, so to speak? 
I've read that the more spiritually developed among us move into higher realms. I wonder where they are, and what they do when they inhabit these realms.
I once knew a medium who told me that she had visited a few places where highly developed mediums go after they die, I wish I had asked her what would happen to her family when they died? Would she still see them, be there to welcome them at the end of the tunnel? This medium told me that there were beautiful halls of music and many halls of learning, on any subject you cared to choose.
I've never met anyone who has experienced a previous life. I've read numerous books on the subject, but have remained unconvinced by the majority of them.
There are of course the occasions when you meet someone and ponder on when you met them before. A kind of instant recognition. A medium told me once that this is because you knew the person in a past life. Numerous people when travelling recognise an area they travel through (I've had this happen to me three times) and can point out landmarks and other features that they say have altered. Very strange and it does make you think. It's still not definite proof though is it?
Our dreams can take us into past lives -or so I'm told. I do recall a couple of dreams I've had about places that I've never been to before. I've checked them out and the places and the years coincided with my dreams. That made me think, but again it's not proof.
In my novels, my main characters time travel to other lives they have led. It’s a recurring, fascinating theme with me. It’s easy to believe through the power of the written word in novels that, yes, we can revisit the past (or the future) and discover the truth of our existence.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

My magical walks

My dog Boyden 2000-2013
He adored his walks at Blithfield.

I know in a previous blog I had a moan about a few issues but to me
Blithfield has always been a magical place to walk. I do not think that you could find anywhere that has the special atmosphere that's here. I feel sorry for people who rush around as if they have not a minute to spare. If only they would stop and linger for a few minutes, drink in the atmosphere look at the fields and woods that are here. See where the badgers cross the road and go through the crops looking for food and heading off for water. The area is alive with wildlife of every description. They would become aware of that indefinable thing that you rarely find anywhere nowadays. Peace.
There has only ever been one other place I felt the same as I do Blithfield It was a cottage my mother-in-law owned on the borders of Herefordshire. One summer day I was sitting in the garden at Bryntegan having a cup of coffee. It was a still warm morning. The sun broke through, and I can only say I felt magic in the air around me. Bees began buzzing; butterflies took to the wing, flowers opened their petals as if saying welcome to the day. It is hard for me to explain how I felt but when I went back into the cottage my mother-in-law said immediately, ‘Carol, has found the magic of Bryntegan.’ I had, I then understood why they visited the cottage as often as they could. Bryntegan was sold in the 1990s due to my father-in-laws failing health. I hope the new owners found the magic that existed there.
To walk through the woods at Blithfield as dusk is falling is a magical experience, whereas our world is preparing for sleep the nocturnal creatures are beginning their day. You can feel thousands of eyes watching as you walk the woodland track. The dying rays of the sun slant through the trees adding to the wonderful atmosphere. 
I always feel happy as we make our way up the slope and drive along the road into the estate. I'm always sad when we leave.
Even though both of my dogs sadly died, I know they are with me whenever I visit Blithfield. I have a new dog who walks the woodland way and along the shoreline with me.