Wednesday, 30 October 2019

A blog with a few angel stories

Many people are interested in stories of the supernatural so I thought I would post a few here.

I thought that I would begin by discussing the subject of angels as they are so popular now. Every book or magazine I pick up seems to mention angels at some point. There are dozens of different decks of angel tarot cards, angel ornaments adorn the shelves of gift shops, angel jewellery is extremely popular as is angel embroidery designs. Bookshops devote many shelves of books devoted to the subject. In fact, at times wherever I look, I seem to be surrounded by angels. They have certainly caught the public’s attention.
In truth, not so long ago I never paid much attention to angels; to me; they were beautiful winged, mythical creatures who sang in heavenly choirs. They look pretty on Christmas cards, and there are stunning paintings in art galleries. In churches, and cathedrals throughout the country stained glass windows have some wonderful specimens of them. In Lichfield Cathedral, Staffordshire, there is a beautiful embroidery of an angel stitched in gold thread. It is housed in one of the upper rooms. I have always admired it and wondered who did the embroidery. Unfortunately, I have never been able to find out.
In the last couple of years, the subject of angels seems to have caught the imagination of the general public and the media, and now they cannot be ignored.
I read that an ‘angel expert’ predicted that we will all see the ‘heavenly host’ in 2012. If this happens, it will be a tremendous occurrence. It didn’t happen! Or did I miss it?
I’ve read many books devoted to the subject of angels and enjoyed reading people’s accounts of their experiences with them. Some claim to have been visited by an angel – actually waking up in the night to see them in their bedrooms. Many of the writer's say an angel’s presence brings them peace and love. Other people say that an angel has stepped in and helped them at a time of crisis in their lives.
One day something unexpected happened to me that did make me stop and think whether angels exist or not.
I was chatting to my husband one morning about angels as we were leaving the house to go shopping. We were in the hall; I had just mentioned to him that the sign of an angel’s presence is when a white feather falls; as I spoke, a feather floated down and fell at our feet. I must say we were both startled. Did it prove angels existed? No, it was probably a coincidence, but it made us think and perhaps that was what was intended.
Personally, I do not believe in the winged idea of angels. I could convince myself that an angel is a being of light. I think that when our lives end, angels are there to guide us to where our loved ones wait for us.

Deb’s Story
I am certain that angels exist. Having experienced a certain head-on collision with a lorry, I closed my eyes thinking this was it; this was how I was going to die, when all of a sudden it felt as though me and my car were transported in to the air, then placed safely back on the road. The lorry was nowhere to be seen. I've also seen a ghost: when I was working in a residential home I would often catch a glimpse of a hunched figure walking through the hall way and often my bleeper would signal to go to an empty, locked room, where the previous week an elderly lady had died.

Lyn’s Views on Angels
My beliefs? Well, I have a problem understanding what an angel is... I don’t think of a winged messenger but rather something spiritual, unseen.
The day I was due for important medical test results from the doctor, I was extremely anxious as I have a phobia about illness and doctors. My husband was due to pick me up fifteen minutes before my appointment. My doctor’s surgery is about five to eight minutes away from where we live.  I waited on the drive and got a call from my husband saying he was running few minutes late. He arrived with five minutes to spare; then we couldn’t find a parking space. I got out of the car and left my husband to park it. I went into the waiting room, signed in, and I was immediately called to go into the surgery.
I had quietly asked that day for help with my anxiety over the results... so I think that was an answer for waiting around chewing fingers...straight in and face it...which I did, to find all my test results were clear.

Kathy’s views on Angels
To answer your question...I firmly believe in angels, and of course they exist...particularly our guardian angels. I personally talk to mine every day and thank them for their love and protection.  I have heard many instances of  ‘feathers’ falling at the time of someone’s passing. I have never as yet encountered an angel, but have felt the warmth and love of them surrounding me.

Guardian Angel
One particular occurrence that I always put down to having a guardian angel happened to me, during the mid-eighties, I travelled daily to work along the Rugeley to Stafford road. The scenery is really beautiful, as on one side of the road are the woodlands of Cannock Chase and the other is bordered by the grounds of Shugborough Hall, owned at one time by the Earl of Lichfield.
All in all, it should have made for a really pleasant drive as the scenery is always a joy to see in whatever season, but whenever I approached the section of road that leads down into Milford Common, I would have what I can only describe as a feeling of impending doom. These feelings became so strong over the ensuing days that one morning I decided there was no way I could drive my normal route to work. I took an alternative road across the top of the Chase; it took me longer, but I didn’t feel threatened.
A few days later, I heard that there had been a road accident along the Rugeley to Milford road. It had happened around the time I normally went to work. I remember going cold when my employer told me of the accident.
From whom I received my warning I will never know, but I will always be grateful to my guardian angel.

Hazel & Mick’s views on Angels
Hazel says I like to think there are angels but have had no incidences or proof personally.
I asked Mick, and he said he had several near misses as far as losing his life is concerned, but there was always something there to help him. You could say that was his spirit guide - or could it have been an angel?
I know a lot of people knock the floating white feather phenomenon but honestly there have been times of sadness and worry when I have quietly called out, and a feather has come floating down.

My  reply 
I understand an angel is a being of light, whereas to my way way of thinking it is the ghost of someone who passed over. It is said the angel is there to help and guide you. I think it might have started off as someone simply saying, 'Oh my guardian angel stepped in and helped me,' hence the saying was born.
The experts say that their spirit guides are the ones who bring the messages to them to pass on to people. They say angels are there to help and guide us through times of crisis. Personally, I have never seen an angel, but I've read of a lot of people who have.
I did have an unusual experience a few days ago. I had lost someone very dear to me, and as a result, was having a dreadful time sleeping.
Awake in the early hours one morning I was desperate for sleep but seemed powerless to stop my thoughts chasing around my head. For some reason, I started to think about angels when suddenly a golden light filled my mind. The light began to fill with small white feathers swirling and twirling within the beautiful light. I fell asleep and experienced the most peaceful rest that I had had in days.

*Jane’s Angel Reading
The first-card Jane drew from the Angel pack showed she had trouble with relationships. This problem had been with her all her life. As a child, she was extremely shy and tended to keep herself to herself. She came from a large, loving family, but she said. ‘I never felt as if I belonged. I was not one of them.’
‘Them,’ I repeated.
Nodding, she went on, ‘The family had a closeness surrounding them, I always felt alone, separate. The family were never cruel to me. They always tried to include me, but I never felt right when they were around. The only person I felt an affinity to was my mom.’
I wondered at this, but seriously my job was to listen and read the cards. I was not there to counsel people. If they want to talk and share secrets with me that’s fine, but anything else has to come from them.
The next-card Jane took from the top of the pack was telling her to let her past go. I thought it was apt, and she agreed. She asked me how it was possible to let go of things that happened. I explained that, in my case, it was time that helped to heal me. I explained that the more we move on with our lives and take up any opportunities offered, we begin letting the past go.
Jane agreed that she saw the sense in this and removed another card from the deck.
This was an interesting card; I interpreted it that she was going to move soon. Her new home would be near the sea. She looked astonished when I told her. I explained that she couldn’t make it happen, but whatever was in the cards would happen. I could see it was going to be an excellent move for her.
Jane told me that she had always wanted to live near the sea. She told me in confidence whenever she had visited the seaside as a child she felt the sea held many secrets, and that one day she would learn what they were. I had not expected her to tell me that.
Pleased at the outcome we said our goodbyes.
I’m certain Jane will enjoy a happy future.

Angel Stories
The following story was told to me a few weeks ago by Evie.
Evie said that she had been going through a distressing time for a couple of years and was stressed  about her life. Financial worries coupled with marriage problems were a major worry but to add to her difficulties her parents were both experiencing health problems.
One night Evie simply couldn’t sleep every time she tried to settle down her mind remained awake. She tried every trick she knew to drift off she even tried counting sheep, nothing helped. Evie then remembered a friend had told her that she should call on her guardian angel to help her. At the time, Evie had dismissed this thinking that nothing would ease her problems. Thinking she had nothing to lose she called upon her angel to help her out. Immediately her mind was flooded with beautiful images of a host of heavenly angels they were hovering in a beautiful sky. The angels were surrounded by smaller angels flying around them. From somewhere Evie could hear soothing music playing, the angel vision gave her great comfort, and she drifted off into the deepest sleep that she had had in years.
On waking, she felt full of energy and hope as if her whole life had changed for the better. She sat down at her computer and began to write, she started from the time she had married and over the coming weeks a fuller picture began to emerge of exactly where and when things had started to go wrong within her marriage. She realised that her marriage problems had begun to affect her, and her husbands relationship with their children. No wonder they had begun to be so disruptive and argumentative. After all, she acknowledged to herself they had hardly set a good example.
She also decided to seek help from Age Concern and Social Services for her parents, realising that a lot of her trouble was that she was overdoing things.
Evie also asked her brothers and sisters to help out.
All the time that she was reorganising her life she said that she felt the presence of someone guiding her in the right direction. She knew it was her guardian angel steering her through the maelstrom that she had inadvertently created for herself.
Her family began to assist with her parents, she was then able to find employment. This led to her financial situation improving tremendously much to her relief.
On retiring each night Evie calls on the angels and is always rewarded by the sight of what she calls, ‘The Heavenly Host’, and thanks them for their help.
I thought that Evie’s story was an inspiration and offered to give her an Angel Card reading. She readily agreed.
I looked into her immediate future with a pack of Angel cards and saw that she would need to continue asking her guardian angel for assistance. Other angels would soon be coming into her life and offering help and guidance.
Taking another pack of cards, I looked further ahead for her and was surprised to see the changes that would be taking place in her life.
I informed her that the cards were telling me that she would take up a part time college course. Evie would achieve high results from the course, and, with the help of her angels, she would take time away from everything and plan meticulously what to do. She would receive lots of help and encouragement from friends and family in her new venture. Due to all her hard work and careful planning she was going to succeed in her new business venture.
Evie looked astonished when I had finished the reading. Shaking her head, she told me that she had always wanted to go to college. as she had a business venture in mind but needed to know a lot more about it before committing herself. She was delighted that I had ‘seen’ that it was going to happen for her and promised to keep in touch.


Sunday, 20 October 2019


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                                                                  BIG CAT STORY 

One of the scariest things that ever happened to me occurred while I was out walking quite a few years ago now. But it's something that I will never ever forget.
I walked a regular route from where we lived. I walked across the fields that leads to a pub and from there walked a different route home. There are three fields to walk across to reach the pub. I’d crossed two of them and as I walked through the opening into the third field I let my dog off her lead. There was not another soul in sight so I knew that we were okay. At the far end of this field is a small slope that leads to other fields or you can turn right and walk along where there is a pub on the side and it eventually leads to the road. I strolled across the field enjoying the peace and quiet. My dog did not do what she normally did which was to run round the field like a maniac she walked beside me. I patted her as we walked along the track and I glanced ahead towards the slope that leads out of the field. I then nearly passed out with shock!! Running from the right of the field ahead of me was a huge black panther like cat! OMG, I thought we’re going to die, if not from being attacked by the cat but from fright. I muttered, ‘ stand still’ to my dog and slipped her lead on, still watching the cat, as it rushed past the entrance/exit and headed straight to the edge of the field and then it ran through a gap in the hedge and disappeared from view.
My legs were so weak (jelly legs) and I was literally shaking all over with fright. Should I turn back or head towards the exit? If I turned back there were the other fields to cross before reaching the main road, but if I walked on I would be away from the fields in a few minutes. I gulped took a huge breath and left the field.
I knew if I told my OH he would laugh and disbelieve me. He did exactly that. But in the paper the following day there was a story of a big cat escaping from a travelling zoo or circus.
It was the stuff of nightmares.

Monday, 14 October 2019



I smile when I hear people say that they are broke and can’t afford to go to the pub or buy an extra bottle of wine to drink while watching the television. Broke? They don’t know the meaning of the word! I wonder how they would have survived years ago when I was young and, my mother could not even afford to replace our second-hand shoes with a new pair of second or third- hand shoes. I nearly always wore the ones my sister had grown out of We had to put newspaper inside them to keep them dry if we couldn’t find any dry cardboard in the entry where our terraced house stood. Mom rarely if ever managed to afford to buy us a pair of new shoes - even those off the market in town were beyond her means. We always wore second-hand clothes given to us by aunties or bought from a cheap market stall. At one time as we were growing up we only possessed one dress each and a skirt and jumper.
Mom married young, and unfortunately, our father deserted her for another woman, he never hung around to meet me. Gran looked after us after school until Mom finished work at a local factory and came to collect us. Mom was extremely poor back then, but she never moaned, she just got on with it. We always had a fire in the grate - albeit a small one. And we never went hungry. I don’t know how she did it, but she always managed to make us a stew for tea and a couple of dripping sandwiches to take to school for our dinner break. And if she could she would buy us a penny chew when we went shopping in town at the weekend. The stallholders were good as they would always give us an apple or even an orange when Mom bought the veg. I knew they always gave her a few extra vegetables. At Christmas she would manage to find a couple of tiny dolls and an apple and orange for us. In those days we did not have a Christmas dinner or cake. If we were lucky we did visit Grans for Christmas Day if she invited us. We felt truly blessed. There would be lots of our aunts, uncles, and cousins there, and a good time was enjoyed by all who attended.
The church of St Albans was across the street from where we lived, and the nuns would often visit to see if Mom was all right and invite Pauline and me to some event that was going to take place at the church.