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The Haunting of Kate Somner

The Haunting of Kate Somner

After a reading from Gary, a clairvoyant, Kate Somner’s life changes forever.
Her husband Ben disappears in unusual circumstances. She loses her job,her home, and her friends.
As if all the above isn’t bad enough, Kate begins experiencing time slips which take her back to the 1960s. Here, she “sees” Sheila, who is living in the same flat that Kate now lives in. Is there a connection between the two women?
Kate revisits Gary, hoping that he will be able to help her.
Will Gary help Kate find her missing husband?
Will she unravel the mystery of the time slips?
The Haunting of Kate Somner is a supernatural mystery full of intrigue, secrets and deception.

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Thursday, 22 August 2019

Why I became a Tarot Card Reader

My Life as aTarot Card Reader

A Little About Myself
My earliest memories are of living in a back to back terraced house in Birmingham where I lived with my mom and my older sister (by eighteen months) Pauline.
Our father deserted Mom before I was born. She had a desperate struggle bringing us up during and after the war until she remarried. We then moved to Northfield, and we both passed the eleven plus examination to grammar schools. Pauline went to Kings Norton Grammar School, and I, to my dismay, was sent to Bartley Green Grammar School. I was happy at my junior school and certainly didn’t want to go to Bartley Green.
I was more than happy when I left the school, and after a few jobs I settled down happily to work at ‘Ten Acres & Stirchley Cooperative Society, Birmingham,’ as a secretary. Pauline also worked at TASCOS as a secretary to the assistant director, and we were both to meet our future husbands there.
A few years after we married we left Birmingham to start new lives in Staffordshire. I moved to Rugeley, and Pauline to Tamworth.
When we moved to live in Rugeley I had two children. A daughter of three years and a son of two months.
After living in the busy city I initially found it difficult to settle and returned to Birmingham as often as I could. Eventually, I settled down, the children grew up, and left home to live their own lives. I worked at various jobs from running a mobile café, to working at Colourtrend a photography developing laboratory. My job was to adjust the colours in faulty photographs. I enjoyed this job tremendously. The trouble started when I found that having to sit for long periods of time hurt the base of my spine.
In the end I had to leave that job and others that I tried. I decided to work for myself and I started my own cleaning company. At least I would not be sitting for long periods of time. At this time my husband worked at the pit and they went on strike. We had bought a detached Victorian house near Rugeley. We realised that with my husband being on short time we were going to lose the house. I searched the area and found a smaller semidetached house almost opposite town but the canal was not far away and it was almost countrified. It was quite nice as there were only four houses down the lane. There was a transport business at the top of the lane but they did not bother me.
All went well with my new cleaning venture then tragically my daughter lost her first baby. It was a sad time for all concerned. Time passed and one day my daughter mentioned that she wanted to visit a clairvoyant and asked if I would go with her. I hoped that the clairvoyant would reassure her that all would be well if she tried for another baby. I knew that she would have another baby but did not say anything.
As it happened, a clairvoyant worked from a shop about a five-minute walk from where we lived. I found the reading she gave my daughter interesting and wondered how she managed to gain so much information from a pack of playing cards. I also felt surprised that she did not offer any sympathy or reassurance that all would be well in the future for my daughter.
I was so intrigued by the clairvoyant’s reading that I decided to book a reading for myself. Little did I realise that the reading would prove to be a huge turning point and change my whole way of life forever. I must admit that after having the reading, I was sceptical and laughed, saying, ‘None of this will happen!’ I had to eat my words as the next day I received an unexpected cheque in the post and remembered that the clairvoyant had predicted this. The same day two more things that she had said occurred.
That evening I sat down and thought about the reading and read the notes I had made (I am a huge note taker). I recall thinking there is more to this card reading than meets the eye. I decided to find out as much as I could about the subject.
I felt quite excited about my new venture but hadn’t a clue what I would discover along the way. I had visited the local library to see if there were any books on the subject. No joy there and the same in our local bookshop, so Birmingham it had to be. Not that I minded. I loved going into the city, and why not? It’s my home town. I was born on the outskirts of Birmingham, and to me going there is always like going home. Anyway, I had the perfect reason to go: I needed tarot cards and a couple of books. It took me a while to locate the cards, but I found exactly what I wanted in Waterstones, in New Street. I was delighted and selected two packs of cards that attracted me. Instinct told me that they would work for me. I also bought a book about the meanings of the cards. I also decided on the way home that I would buy a crystal ball. I had not a clue where they were sold. I looked forward to learning everything I could about my new venture.
That evening, speaking on the telephone to my mother-in-law, I told her what I had bought. She was so excited for me and insisted I bring them with me when I next visited her so that I could give her a reading. She had such faith in me and my abilities and, unbeknown to her, she gave me a huge confidence boost. My mom was intrigued and also said to bring the cards along when they came to the mainland (they live in Guernsey). I did tell both moms that it would take me a long time to teach myself the meanings to the cards and then discover the way of reading the cards that suited me best.
To my surprise, my sister Pauline was quite horrified at my news and shrieked down the telephone, ‘Burn them, Carol, they’re evil!’ I told her to calm down and said that the cards worked for the good of people when used correctly. As far as I knew, she had never had a reading and knew nothing about the cards. She muttered scathingly, ‘The occult, yuk!’ I left it at that. It seemed that she was not in favour of my new venture. 
Instinctively I knew that giving tarot card readings would be right for me. More than anything I wanted to use them to help people. The reading I had from the clairvoyant had been so fast I had forgotten most of it. I felt even more determined to achieve my goal and forged ahead with my plans for the future regardless of any opposition.
While teaching myself the cards, I visited numerous clairvoyants and mediums; this was my way of researching the subject. There were very few books in the bookshops. But I was always determined that I was going to succeed. I found it all fascinating.
I needed to practise how to read the cards for people. My husband was not interested, but fortunately my lovely mom and mother-in-law were.
I was also lucky to meet a lady who read the playing cards for the general public; she gave me a lot of information about how she started her career and how it had progressed over the years. She had done very well for herself as she worked in Birmingham city centre. She rented rooms on the first floor of a huge building along New Street. Her name was Joanne.
In the course of my research, I visited psychic fairs and watched and listened to how the readers worked. I also visited Spiritualist churches. I know strictly speaking that Spiritualist churches are nothing to do with tarot card readings but the mediums who give platform readings give out messages of hope from loved ones. I must admit I have never received a message, but I do know many people who have. I visited quite a few mediums in my quest for proof but eventually realised it was not meant to be; I stopped going.
My research progressed, and after twelve months I knew the tarot cards inside out and had also acquired a crystal ball. My lovely father-in-law had sent away to London and bought one for me. How lucky I am. I was all set to float my new business.

Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Pet Reincarnation?

I have recently been reading Bruce Cameron’s books (and watching the DVDs) about a dog that has led numerous lives. I have found the books a fascinating read.
I am a dog lover, and reading the books made me wonder about the dogs that I have owned over the years. I wondered if reincarnation is possible with our pets when it suddenly dawned on me that yes, it is entirely feasible to think that our pets can find their way back to us through many lifetimes. Why not? If humans can return, why not our pets?
Years ago, I owned a beautiful black German Shepherd dog. She was a fearsome looking creature when fully grown, but in reality, she was very docile and wouldn’t hurt a fly. I trusted her implicitly. She was faithful to me throughout her life and never left my side. I loved her with a passion.
When I took her out for her daily walk, people, who did not know me would cross the road rather than walk past us. My dog, Connie, kept me safe at all times. At that time, my husband worked nights, but I knew we would never have intruders. One look at Connie and they would soon run.
After she died, I missed her so much I could not face having another dog in the house. The emptiness without her beside me was unbearable. I grieved for years. But slowly as time passed the pain eventually became a dull ache, it felt strange to me walking without my doggie companion. Most of all, I missed loving a dog. So, I decided the time was right to choose another dog.
I had a Beaded Collie Cross/Golden Retriever bitch. I called her Sophie.  Somehow, I also acquired her brother, who I called Boyden. Sophie was always full of life and forever running up and down and around the house and garden. From the word go, Boyden, chose to stay beside me. Like Connie where I went Boyden came with me.  Even when I went shopping, he chose to come along, the same as she did. There was one person who visited us who I disliked intensely. Connie sensed this from the person’s first visit, and she would growl when she heard his car come over the bridge that led down the lane to our house. She would moan in her throat whenever this person came into the house. Connie did not trust this person one inch. Neither did I, and she picked up on it from the start. When this person visited after I had Boyden, the same thing happened.  Both dogs sensed the deception in this person and the untrustworthiness of them. I was amazed at how Connie would recognise the engine noise of our friend’s cars when they came down the lane. She always alerted me when they were coming. Connie was amazing as was Boyden.
Sophie was far more independent. Of course, when we took them out walking, they enjoyed a run together around the woods and fields, but he always kept me in his sights. Unless he and Sophie saw something (like a squirrel) to chase, then they’d be off. Not that they ever caught one or came near to it. They would stand at the foot of the tree where the squirrel had disappeared, wondering why they couldn’t climb it!
I adored both dogs and could not imagine a life without either of them. The years flew by, and I noticed Boyden began to tire within a short space of time when we were out and about, and he would ask to go back to the car. My boy was aging fast. I hoped that he would pick up again but no, he didn’t he went downhill and by this time he was deaf and practically blind. Although he always knew where I was, and Sophie helped him along. Sophie was fine; she was a lot slimmer than him; he, Boyden was a heavier build. He wasn’t overweight just heavier, but he experienced difficulty walking and getting on his chair became painful for him. I knew he wouldn’t last the year out, and my heart was breaking. The thought of losing him was unbearable, and I knew Sophie would miss him just as much as I would. I dreaded being without him. But I would never let him suffer.
The day arrived when I had to kiss my boy goodbye. I thanked him for sharing his life with me. I knew he would always be with me, but that did not help ease my pain. Then my best friend was gone. I was happy that he was no longer suffering, but the ache for him and Connie has never left me. I would often sit and compare how similar Boyden was to Connie; Not in looks but in almost everything that they did.  I wondered how two dogs of different breeds and sex could have the same traits. But I never once thought of dogs and reincarnation. That is until I read Bruce Cameron’s books,  then two and two became four, and I realised that of course, Connie had returned to me as Boyden. It was blindingly obvious. He was so like her that I could not believe I had never realised that Connie had returned.


Poor Sophie suffered for months after Boyden had gone. She would stand for ages looking up the garden for him. She would cry as she sniffed for his scent around the house. Of his scent gradually dissipated but still, she mourned. I never got over losing him so I couldn’t expect her to. He was her brother after all, and they had been the best of friends.
After I lost Sophie, I could not even entertain the idea of having another dog. I knew that there was no way I would ever love another dog.
Often of an evening, we would hear the sound of them pattering about in the kitchen. We would look at each other (hubby and I) in disbelief. How could we hear them after they had died? But we did.  Walking upstairs when I went to bed, I would often feel them rush past me. I knew it was them as it was what they always did. They would lie beside the bed when I read every night. It was so lonely without them, but I comforted myself that now they were pain-free and together forever — my boy and girl.
‘No more dogs,’  I said. Huh! I now have George, who is certainly not reincarnated from any dog I ever had. George is George. Loyal, caring, affectionate, and a little demon! He’s five the day after Boxing Day this year. I wonder where the years have gone.

If anyone should ask me, do, I believe in reincarnation for pets? The reply would be yes. Do I believe that people who have passed over can return if they choose to? Yes, I do.

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Wednesday, 29 May 2019

My dream - Did my sister briefly returned from the Spirit World to visit me?

My sister, Pauline died many years ago. She was older than me by just eighteen months. Pauline was also nearly five inches shorter in height than me. But this never stopped her from saying that shw was my big siste and she protected me from the school bull8es and other bullies every step of the way. No-one was allowed to call me fatty or four eyes without her rounding on them. The bullies never bothered me again.
All through her life we were close. In fact as we grew older we became even closer. When she moved to live in Scotland and her life took a downward turn this brought us together more. Pauline would call me before I left for work in the morning and then several times during the evening. I missed her as she lived so far away from the Midlands.
The years sped by and her troubles increased and her health deteriorated.
I was so concerned when I received a telephone call just before one Christmas to say that she was in hospital. I kept in touch and was told there was nothing to worry about. So I was pole axed when I received the call that she had died.
It took me many months to accept that I would never see her again. She had been everything to me sister and best friend and there in my thoughts every day of my life. I loved her. Now she had gone. Forever suddenly seemed a very long time. Indeed it is. I would cry in my sleep and wake with a wet pillowcase, a headache and depression for a long, long time. But gradually over the years I've learned to accept that she has gone as quite a few more of my loved ones have over the years.
I have always had an interest in the Supernatural in fact I read the tarot cards for the general public for a number of years. I've written novels and a book of true ghost stories.
I have visited mediums but never been given proof that there is anyone from the world of spirit with me. Never-the-less this did not stop me visiting mediums and clairvoyants until the day I realised some years ago that perhaps the spirit world was telling me that I had no need to keep doing the rounds. So I stopped.
This morning in the early hours I dreamt that my sister Pauline was sitting beside me in our car. She was driving and I was the passenger. The one thing that puzzled me to say the least was that there were no doors on the front of the car. This was madness I suffer from claustrophobia so badly that wherever I am I have to ensure I have a window or a door open or I have a bad panic attack that seems to last forever. This can be embarrassing to say the least. But I was not afraid of there being no doors or windows to open. I knew that I was safe with her.
I was amazed that after all these years I had seen her and sat beside her. It was a wonderful feeling. When I woke up I had trouble believing that I had actually seen her. But I had, and the dream will stay with me forever.
On reflection I feel that there being no doors or windows to open on the car was a sign that she was telling me that she is still keeping me safe despite her being in the spirit world. Just as she did when she was alive. This was a huge comfort to me and I will never forget it. Maybe she will visit me again and we will talk. That would be brilliant.
Maybe it was just a dream and there is no attachment to the Spirit World? Who knows. No one does and I choose to believe that she returned to see me.

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Birmingham Girls


Birmingham Girls
In November 1992, my mother rang and asked me if I would trace the family history, and I agreed. At that time, I only had a very vague idea how to set about tracing our ancestors. I thought that you paid a visit to St. Catherine’s House in London; looked through some files and that would be that. How wrong I was proved to be.
Mom had mentioned that one of my cousins had the necessary documents that I would need to get me started. I wrote to her asking for copies of anything she might have that she thought would help me. Not hearing anything in the following weeks, I forgot all about it until April 1993 when my mother rang and asked me what progress I was making. I felt ashamed and promptly rang my cousin, who lives in Kings Heath, Birmingham, and asked her if she would help me. On ascertaining that all the old documents were in her loft, I told her that I would telephone again in a few days to see how she was getting on. Realising that I needed to know how to do the research, I bought a booklet on the subject. This proved to be a mine of information and I discovered that various libraries now hold the St. Catherine’s House records on microfiche.
One Saturday in May, armed with the information, a notepad, and pen, my husband John and myself decided to visit Central Library in Birmingham. Ascertaining at the information desk that the Genealogy department was on the sixth floor, we made our way via the escalators much to John's disgust, as he prefers the lift.
We found the assistants extremely helpful and were soon set up with the correct census file. I found it amazing that so many people resided in one house at that time, and was also intrigued to see the various descriptions of the professions held by members of the family. On that occasion we didn’t have any luck with the search, but I consoled myself with the thought that at least I now knew how to set about it, and resolved to return at the first opportunity.
Over the next few weeks, I visited the library a number of times and met a lot of people engaged on similar searches; all as enthralled by the past as I was. I quickly realised I was hooked. The more I found out, the more I wanted to know. Not only did I want to trace my family, I also wanted to know the type of clothes they wore, what their houses looked like, and anything else I could discover. This led to me buying a number of books in the course of my research and spending a lot of time in the reference section of Central Library.
The next step was to find out if anyone in the family had photographs of older family members; my father mentioned that one of his brothers, my Uncle Leonard, had a fantastic collection. I hadn’t seen Leonard for many years and at that time he wasn’t on the telephone, so I took the bull by the horns and wrote asking if I could perhaps borrow a few of his old photographs. To my delight, he wrote back saying that he was planning a book himself, but he was quite prepared to loan me some of his collection. Overjoyed, I wrote back immediately asking if we could perhaps meet some time. Apparently, he too had been tracing the family tree on his side of the family.
I mentioned to a friend that I had reached a standstill in my research. She told me that Teletext ran a free family tree service.

Birmingham Girls

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