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Choosing Your Psychic Pathway - Extract


My Story

I saw my first ‘ghost’ when I was about 7 years of age. I was walking back to school after lunch, head down looking at the floor when, for some reason or other, I glanced up. Not far ahead of me, I saw a young girl around my own age walking in the same direction. She was dressed in a similar dress to the one I was wearing. I wondered who she was.

The street was deserted apart from the two of us. I tried walking faster to catch her up, but the distance between us remained the same. Try as I might, I couldn’t shorten the distance. It was strange to say the least.

I watched her intently, determined I was going to catch her up. I started to run and she promptly disappeared in front of my eyes.

I rubbed my eyes not believing that someone could disappear like that - but she had. I knew I had seen a ghost; there was no other explanation. This incident didn’t frighten me at all. Despite being young, or perhaps because of it, I accepted that ghosts existed. My family would have scoffed at me if I had told them, particularly my three brothers. So I kept the ‘girl ghost sighting’ to myself. I never found out who she was, but I have never forgotten her.

Over the years, my interest in ghosts deepened. I read everything I could on the subject. At times, I must admit I questioned whether I had actually seen a ghost and wondered if it had been my childish imagination. Who knows? But it began a life-long interest that has never diminished.

From the time I joined the library at an extremely young age, I read any books that contained ghost stories, both fiction and non-fiction; anything that had a ghost in it was food for my soul. Films, radio programmes, magazines, anything that contained a ‘ghostly reference’, I had to digest.

As I grew up, I began to see other ghosts; some I recognised, others I didn’t. However, asking around the family and giving descriptions of the ghosts I had seen, I would eventually discover who the ghostly apparitions were.

My research drew me to like-minded people and I would hear their fascinating stories of the ghosts they had seen. All this led me further down the path of the unexplained. The more I discovered, the more I wanted to know.

I discovered tarot cards and found they are a useful tool to help reach the ‘other side’, though I wouldn’t recommend anyone trying this unless in the hands of a professional reader with many years of experience. The same goes for the Ouija board; this can be a highly dangerous ‘game’ in the wrong hands.

The majority of people who see a ghost will only ever see the one, and others I have spoken to about their sightings are still scared many weeks down the line.

‘It was such a shock,’ is normally the first thing they say. I quite agree with them. If something disturbs you in the middle of the night, you may well first think you have burglars and are going to be battered to death, or you could even have a heart attack. Some ghosts have no respect for your finer feelings. After all, I should imagine there is no night or day to them. They are on a higher spiritual plane than we are, or so we are told. Hence, disturbing your sleep is not going to worry them in any way whatsoever.

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Monday, 22 October 2012

How I came to write, The Other Place, plus an excerpt.

I thought I would write about how The Other Place, came to be written.

I suffered from claustrophobia all my life. It worsened considerably a few years ago and began to affect my sleeping pattern, and I also began to experience panic attacks. This began to affect my daily life.
One day I mentioned this to a friend who said she also suffered from claustrophobia. I asked other friends, and began to realise just how many other people suffer from this problem, but find it embarrassing to talk about it.

I decided to research the subject. I found this absorbing and discovered that claustrophobia can lead to people suffering other anxiety disorders. I read that 5 -7% of the world population suffer from this condition, but fortunately there are treatments available. Treatments may include cognitive therapy, hypnotherapy – some therapists believe revisiting a past life can help patients find the cause of their problem. In fact, there is a wide range of treatments available to help sufferers of this condition.

I know there are many people out there like myself who are too embarrassed to admit their problem. We learn to live with it by avoiding situations which can bring on the anxiety.

It suddenly dawned on me one day my story could be the basis of an interesting storyline. The past life aspect appealed to my imagination. I contacted a few regression therapists who obviously could not discuss the client’s stories, but were helpful. I sat down, and Chrissie James and her family presented themselves to me. The Other Place was born.

Chrissie’s story is fictitious, apart from the claustrophobia and the sleeping difficulties. I did find the book emotionally difficult to write; the main characters have to deal with some tough issues, but I felt compelled to write it.

After finishing the book, I found my sleeping pattern improved, and other anxieties gradually disappeared.

Chrissie James is a troubled soul: with family problems, unexplained phobias and a stalker to contend with, she seeks help with a hypnotherapist. Whilst in therapy, Chrissie discovers she has led a past life.
Will living a previous life help Chrissie to discover the truth of what caused her fears and phobias, and will she find out who is stalking her?

The Other Place is a paranormal mystery; its many twists and turns will keep you guessing to the very end.



‘Oh, my bum feels so cold on this step, Sis; I’ll have to move or I’ll freeze me knickers off.’

Jumping up, twelve-year-old Chrissie James started running up and down the garden path, rubbing her backside trying to increase the circulation. Babs, her fourteen-year-old sister, doubled up laughing as she watched her sister’s antics. She called, ‘Pack it up or you’ll have the whole terrace laffing at you. Our mum will clip your ear’ole for showing us up if you ain’t careful. Mind the cat, you nearly tripped over her, ’er’ll be having ’er kittens soon, look at the size of ’er!’

Chrissie stopped dead; no way did she want to anger her mother. Their mum was someone to be reckoned with when she lost her temper.

Hearing footsteps coming up the path running between the back-to-back houses, they saw a tall, heavily built woman in her thirties advancing towards their gate. The woman had long black hair held back with hairgrips on either side of her face. What drew Babs’ attention more than anything was the slash of bright red lipstick the woman was wearing, giving her long, pale face a ghoulish look. Her blue eyes almost popping out of her head, Babs gave the woman a hard stare, which the woman returned with a wide smile, revealing the largest set of teeth the young girl had ever seen, and to make matters worse, they were smeared with lipstick. Babs froze for a minute then hurried back to her sister. Snuggling up beside Chrissie on the doorstep, the girls watched the woman push the gate open and proceed to walk up the path.

‘What’s up, Babs?’ Chrissie queried, wondering at her sister’s reaction to the stranger.

‘I don’t like the look of ’er, Chris. She gives me the creeps.’

By this time, the woman had reached them. ‘Your ma in?’ she demanded sharply in a strange-sounding accent.

They nodded, staring up at the woman’s mouth; the girls couldn’t take their eyes off her. ‘Tell ’er I’m ’ere then,’ the woman demanded impatiently. ‘I ain’t got all day, you know.’

Clutching her sister tightly, Babs yelled, ‘Mom, there’s a woman ’ere wants to see you.’

‘What now,’ a tired-sounding voice called irritably from the darkness within. ‘What ya been up to, our Babs?’

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Kenneth C Ryland
Award winning author

After 20 years working in Africa, the Far East and the Middle East, the author returned to the UK and occupied various senior engineering posts within the motor and insurance industries before retiring in 2004. He is a widower, has three grown children and likes gardening, walking, writing, classic British motorcycles and fine red wines.

The Up-Country Man  
The Mine
The Mine is a political thriller set in Nibana, an imaginary West African state, several years after gaining independence from the British in 1962. With the Eastern Region about to secede and Nibana heading for civil war, the head of state invites an archaeology professor and his team to investigate some ruins in the Northern Region. The professor’s astonishing finds initiate a chain of extraordinary events that lead to abduction. A police investigation ensues, but becomes complicated when an Eastern Bloc country is commissioned to print currency for the secessionists, and an MI6 agent, working with the police, must hinder the secession by sabotaging the currency. An abandoned mine becomes the focal point when the agent, police and archaeologists are incarcerated there and discover its secret. Murder, breathtaking corruption, river pirates and rogue army officers; Ken Ryeland manipulates these ingredients in his usual consummate way to provide an exciting political thriller.

  I have read both of these books and can highly recommend them.  
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Dancing With Spirits

Dancing With Spirits
When I started to write my first novel I had quite a few false starts.
All my life, I have made up stories mainly in my head! I have a vivid imagination; this is an enormous asset if you want to write, but of course, you need to curb it so that it does not run out of control. Story lines have to be believable otherwise readers will soon drift away.
After my futile first attempts, I left writing my novel alone, and concentrated on publishing a new ghostly booklet.
One day I was thinking of the Mesolithic Cave which is not far from where I live. One of the stories surrounding this cave had always intrigued me. When the cave was being excavated by archaeologists from Birmingham University they discovered two skulls, one was of an older woman, and one belonged to a young girl. I always felt sad about this find and wondered what had happened to bring about their deaths. I sat down and felt strongly that now the time to write the story. Dancing With Spirits was born.
It was an incredible experience, for me, I felt as if Elvaennia, the main character was actually speaking to me. The more the story unfolded the deeper I became involved in her life, her families’ life and all the other characters who presented themselves to me. In particular her lover Deimeuss (Dee).
It took me over a year to write the story, and I was sorry when it ended.
As I mentioned before, the cave (on a hillside) is not far from where I live, and each time, I pass, I think of my book. The cave is on private land, but I was fortunate to visit the site. The entrance to is extremely small now, but the day I went I felt incredibly sad remembering what had happened all those years ago.
Dancing With Spirits was my first novel. I have written 3 others since, but I will always retain the wonderful memories of writing it.
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