Monday, 15 October 2012

Dancing With Spirits

Dancing With Spirits
When I started to write my first novel I had quite a few false starts.
All my life, I have made up stories mainly in my head! I have a vivid imagination; this is an enormous asset if you want to write, but of course, you need to curb it so that it does not run out of control. Story lines have to be believable otherwise readers will soon drift away.
After my futile first attempts, I left writing my novel alone, and concentrated on publishing a new ghostly booklet.
One day I was thinking of the Mesolithic Cave which is not far from where I live. One of the stories surrounding this cave had always intrigued me. When the cave was being excavated by archaeologists from Birmingham University they discovered two skulls, one was of an older woman, and one belonged to a young girl. I always felt sad about this find and wondered what had happened to bring about their deaths. I sat down and felt strongly that now the time to write the story. Dancing With Spirits was born.
It was an incredible experience, for me, I felt as if Elvaennia, the main character was actually speaking to me. The more the story unfolded the deeper I became involved in her life, her families’ life and all the other characters who presented themselves to me. In particular her lover Deimeuss (Dee).
It took me over a year to write the story, and I was sorry when it ended.
As I mentioned before, the cave (on a hillside) is not far from where I live, and each time, I pass, I think of my book. The cave is on private land, but I was fortunate to visit the site. The entrance to is extremely small now, but the day I went I felt incredibly sad remembering what had happened all those years ago.
Dancing With Spirits was my first novel. I have written 3 others since, but I will always retain the wonderful memories of writing it.
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