Sunday, 31 March 2019

A Love Poem

You Are
You are the whispers on the wind
You are the sunbeams that light my day
You are the starlight that lights my dreams
You are the silver of the moon and the rushing waterfalls
You are the snowflakes that kiss my face with a lovers' lips
You are the one who brings me love and laughter as daylight fades
and night time falls
You are the one I kiss each night before I sleep
You are the one beside me as each new day dawns
You are the one I will love and cherish
for evermore
You and I are as one until
we are but whispers on the wind

Copyright @ Carol Arnall 2013

Lost Within My Mind - for my mom and mother-in-law

Lost Within My Mind

I’m in another place
It’s a place I do not know
I’m afraid, confused lost in this space
Within my mind
They say I’m old and have lost my mind
They say there is no cure
They laugh and scoff when I try to say
I am still me here within my mind
No-one knows me anymore
No-one listens
No-one talks to me when I try to tell them
I am still me here within my mind
I did not ask to come to this place
This place I do not know
A place where I am lonely, sad and cry
This place where I am lost within my mind
I wish they would understand
I am here within my mind
I am not an empty shell
I am still me asking to be loved
Not left behind, forgotten in this place
Simply because  at times I am lost within my mind

Copyright Carol Arnall September 2012 

I wrote this one evening after speaking with my mother-in-law who suffered with Alzeimer's disease. She sadly died. I miss her so much, My mother suffered from the same disease and I miss her every minute of every day terribly. On Mother's day they both occupy my thoughts continuously.