Wednesday, 17 October 2018

A brief Ghostly Happening (but there’s a message in it!)

A brief Ghostly Happening (but there’s a message in it!)

Many years ago I was chatting to a nurse (no longer works there) at a local Doctor’s surgery. She must have seen in the papers that I collected ghost stories. Out of the blue, she told me the following story that happened to her.
She said one day she was walking through town when she happened to glance up a side street. To her utter amazement, she saw all her relatives that had died. Then they disappeared. She was shocked but said that seeing them gave her comfort.
I mentioned this to a friend, and he said he was surprised that she hadn’t been scared.
I said, ‘why should she be frightened? Maybe they returned to show that they were all together, proving that there is life after death.’

Friday, 12 October 2018

Favourite read of the year - so far

Favourite Read 
My favourite read so far this year is The Elephant Whisperer 
It is a book that I will never forget. The couple's devotion to the elephants was inspiring to read. It is a book that once read you will never forget.
My top read.

Monday, 8 October 2018

How Writing Magazine inspired me.

Thank you Writing Magazine

2018 has not treated me kindly, and despite trying hard, I have found concentrating on writing difficult to say the least. I know many writers go through periods of feeling less than inspired. I have also experienced this but never for so long. The harder I tried to be inspired and write the worse it became! Finally, I gave up trying.
It was not that I felt sorry for myself. Far from it, inwardly I longed to write, but I had reached the stage of thinking why bother even to start? I feared I would trigger another illness or family crisis. I so missed my daily writing sessions, where I could sit and disappear into another world this should have inspired me. After all, writing has been my daily occupation for many years. I have written fifteen books and articles on many subjects.
I would eagerly read Writing Magazine every month and enjoy it, but nothing had me rushing to my PC. That is until I received my copy of the October edition of the magazine. I saw that there was a small booklet issued free in this edition. 'Inspiration and motivation for Writers' by Chloe Henderson; I admit I looked at it a little cynically. I knew that nothing could help me start writing again. I flicked through the book and lo and behold I found myself reading and agreeing with the quotes and tips within its pages. The more I read, the more I felt that I should write not tomorrow or next week as I had kept promising myself but NOW. So I did, a storyline jumped into my head, followed by characters eager to tell me their story. 
Thank you so much to Writing Magazine for including the book and helping me to get through this tough time. Also, many thanks to Chloe for writing her brilliant book. Below is the link for Chloe's book.

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Mediums/clairvoyants Take a peep

Years ago I would visit mediums for a reading on a regular basis. I found the thought that they could speak to the dead fascinating and would listen avidly to what they told me. I did not always know the people they mentioned to me and the medium would tell me to ask my family and they would tell me. When I asked my mother who the medium had spoken about to me, she hadn't a clue. Neither did other family members. Maybe a few crossed wires from the World of Spirit.
I would also visit tarot card readers and one lady who only read the playing cards. She was excellent, and the predictions that she made for me always happened. Like many reader's predictions though they would happen in a different way to how you thought that they would come.
The best medium I ever visited on a regular basis was a lady by the name of Doreen Shadbolt.  She certainly had a wonderful gift and was well known in the area of Staffordshire where she lived, and way beyond that as well. So many predictions she gave came true I was truly astounded. I admit that after my first visit to her I laughed on the way home saying none of what she had told me would come true. It did! She said that I would write books, that I would go on the radio, I did. And many other predictions she gave me that day all came about in ways I never thought could happen. An amazing lady. Sadly Doreen no longer works due to ill health. But in her time she helped many people.
I came across quite a few readers and mediums who gave me reading that did not come true. I thought that maybe the day I visited them was not the right time. I did not go back to them again as I did not want to risk losing any more money.
I also became friendly with a lady who worked in Birmingham City Centre. She had a couple of offices in a huge building. There were a lot of stairs to climb to reach the floor she was on! I dislike lifts, so that was my problem, not hers!
Joanne read the playing cards. In years to come, I tried teaching myself how to read the playing cards as Jo was excellent at it. I never really felt happy with them. In time I settled to reading the tarot cards, and once I felt confident enough, I read for the general public. I still do if anyone asks for a reading.
I have met a few people who are against people reading cards or other items to make predictions. In my, opinion, if a reading from a professional reader helps someone, then it can only be a good thing.