Friday, 5 July 2013

Memories -


This book is written as a tribute to Muriel Arnall, a Birmingham girl; who loved the city, but who also fell in love with Bryntegan, a cottage in Wales. They bought it in 1958.

Muriel Arnall was my Mother-in-law, and in later years she encouraged me in my writing. When she became ill she passed her letters and personal documents on to me and said she would be proud if they were published.

Muriel (Mom) died on the 10th September 2012.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

A Haunted Past Life

 A Haunted Past Life

Can a taxi ride change your life forever? It does for Jen Rickmand.
After suffering abuse from her stepfather, Jen flees her childhood home with hopes of starting a new life. Struggling with agoraphobia, panic attacks, and concerns for her well being, Jen finds comfort in the spirit world, developing connections with the paranormal that she never thought possible.
A simple taxi ride turns her life inside out when she finds herself transported back in time to 1965, where a husband and child await her. Despite her protestations, and her husband’s concerns, Jen is desperate to return to 2011, but only if she can take her new daughter with her.
Horrified when she is suddenly whisked back to the future without her, Jen is torn between the two worlds. Will they eventually collide, allowing her to find the happiness she truly deserves?
A Haunted Past Life, is an intriguing blend of spirits, ghosts, and time-travel with a heady mixture of love, tangled emotions, and relationships.