Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Dancing with Spirits

I was lucky to catch this scene this morning. The sun was burning the mist off the fields.
This particular field is where the ancient cave is situated. The story attached to the cave inspired me to write my first novel Dancing with Spirits.

The entrance to the ancient cave that inspired my book.

Dancing with Spirits is available from Amazon Kindle click below.
About Dancing with Spirits
A love story that spans the centuries. The story begins prehistory at a settlement in Rugeley, Cannock Chase. A young girl, Elvaennia, goes in search of her missing lover. By a freak accident she finds herself in the 21st Century, and quickly discovers her 'lost love' has also time travelled to this century. Determined to find him, she sets out on a journey that leads her to discover that her family back at the settlement face great danger, and she determines to help them. This in turn leads her into the celebrity limelight. She realises that tough decisions will have to be made. Will the temptations of the 21st Century prove too much for Elvaennia and Deimuiss, or will the old ways and values lead them back to the settlement?

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