Saturday, 7 March 2015

A few things nobody knows about me.

Here's a few things I dislike.
It's best to get the negatives out of the way first.
People who make false promises. By this I mean people who promise to do something for you and 'forget'. 'Sure,' I hear you say, 'people can forget,' Yes, I know they can and do. But you get to know the ones who frequently promise to do something for you and don't. You quickly realise that they rarely if ever follow through on their promises.
I dislike mushrooms. Fatty food is not for me. Spicy food leaves me cold, actually it makes me ill. I can't touch it..
The smell that wafts out of pubs makes me feel ill. Not that I have anything against pubs at all. They're great places for people to meet and socialise. I worked in a pub years ago, the smell never bothered me then. I find it strange that I now have to rush past them.
People who let their dogs run wild and refuse to put them on a lead when you're out walking. In particular when there are signs saying, 'Keep you dogs on a lead at all times'. I've seen people stand next to the sign and release their dogs. I can't believe there are that many illiterate people around.

Things I like.
Walking in the woods at twilight, this can be a magical time. Particularly when you leave the woods behind and see the sun slipping away for the night.
Seeing the first signs of spring. The first snowdrop, crocus, daffodil. I've seen all these, and this morning I saw the first butterfly of the year - it was an adult yellow Brimstone, and I was also fortunate this morning to see the first bee, and frog of the year. The frog was crossing the path we were walking along. We made certain he reached the other side of the road safely. 

Good news. We don't get enough of it lately so when we see or hear any it's great.
Meeting up with an old friend. This happened to me this week and it was lovely to catch up.

Reading a good book. 

I'm not keen on watching the television - apart from Time Team. I do enjoy watching this series. It's so interesting to see what they dig up.

One of my favourite singers is Rod Stewart his recent album is one of his best. I also admire Abba, Karen Carpenter and Eva Cassidy. Lionel Richie and Neil Diamond are great singers as well.

It's the small things in life that give us the greatest happiness. Not materialistic things.
A hug, a cuddle, a peck on the cheek. Someone who makes you feel wanted without asking anything in return, is a true friend. These things are so important and add so much to the quality of our lives. 

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