Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The Haunting of Kate Somner

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After a reading from Gary, a clairvoyant, Kate Somner’s life changes forever. 
Her husband Ben disappears in unusual circumstances. 
She loses her job,her home, and her friends. 
As if all the above isn’t bad enough, Kate begins experiencing time slips which take her back to the 1960s. Here, she “sees” Sheila, who is living in the same flat that Kate now lives in. Is there a connection between the two women? 
Kate revisits Gary, hoping that he will be able to help her. 
Will Gary help Kate find her missing husband? 
Will she unravel the mystery of the time slips? 
The Haunting of Kate Somner is a supernatural mystery full of intrigue, secrets and deception. 
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