Thursday, 19 December 2013

Today's update to Am I an onlooker to a Past Life?

20th December 2013-12-20
Last night, I had the name David Williams,1940 given to me. He was 22. I also sensed a lot of thick smoke. Not from the fire last year caused by the Chinese Lantern. This is back in the 1940s. I saw him in army uniform running up the lane, he bent down and scooped a small girl up. She had on a white pinafore. Her hair was tied in a half ponytail. Her name was Polly.
I saw a class of young boys wearing grey jumpers, they were writing, all of them sitting at  old fashioned wooden desks. The type with sloping lids, that had an opening on the right hand side at the top of the desk for the inkpot.
The woman in the bedsit – her room overlooks a park to the left. I saw her gazing out of the window again. There appeared to be sand scattered around the park entrance, some of the sand was also on the pavement leading up the facing road.

This is  strange; I still have not found a connection. 

I wrote some time ago about my trying self-regression. It did not pick up on anything relevant for a while, then one time I found myself in a street, in a place called Smethwick, Birmingham UK. It is a place I had only heard about. I had never visited it.
My regression took me to the 1940s. Briefly, I found myself watching a scene of a group of women hurrying down Windmill Lane. The woman at the head of the group was young. She appeared distressed, she had blonde hair worn with a hair grip holding it back. The young woman wore a light colour camel, belted coat. The majority of the women in the group wore headscarves, tied turban wise over metal hair curlers. They were wearing wraparound floral pinafores. Down the road I saw a horse and cart. In the distance were gas works. It could have been a coal merchant.
There were girls playing skipping, boys playing marbles, I could see a shop on the corner.
I found it an extraordinary experience. I wondered if the woman had received bad news concerning her husband. Perhaps he was abroad fighting the war.
I never returned to Smethwick, that is until two nights ago, I had been reading -nothing about regression, I'm reading Brian Sewell's autobiography Outsider -it couldn't be further from the Supernatural.
I'd switched my bedside lamp on and going over Brian's book in my mind when I suddenly found myself in Windmill Street again! It was still the 1940s. I saw a woman in great distress, she was standing outside the shop on the corner. She had on one of the wraparound flowered overall type pinafores. Her hair tied up in the turban style flowery scarf of the times. In her arms,  she was holding a child. I'd say the child was about 8 months old. The baby must have been ill the woman did not appear to know where to go for help. I think the corner shop sold different types of goods, they were outside on the pavement. I did not see what they were.
Suddenly the scene completely changed.
I found myself in a room which appeared to be a bedsit. On the wall to the left was a long wall mirror. A woman and young boy were looking into it. The boy was wearing what looked like a white sailor top with dark blue knee length trousers. The woman and boy then walked over to a large sash window. I remember the curtains looked a little dark and dull. The woman stood gazing out at a scene of a tree lined road facing her window, a large tree stood on the corner, it appeared to be autumn time, the leaves were different shades of golds and reds. I can't describe the woman's clothing apart from that she wore a long dark coloured skirt.
I can think of no reason why I should be shown these happenings. I have never to my knowledge had any connection with Smethwick in my life.

 I haven't a clue where the bedsit is situated. It could have been somewhere in the Birmingham area. At that time Birmingham  was not so built up.
I have started researching the above. I have discovered that there was in fact a Windmill Lane in Smethwick. I know, it was, and is a popular name. It could be a coincidence. There were also gas works.
I do wonder who these three women I have seen are, and what there connection to me is? I feel that the last woman I saw lived around 1904.

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