Saturday, 7 December 2013

A short ghost story about my dog(s)

Boyden, he was so beautiful
Since my dog, Boyden, died on July 7th this year, I've found it hard to accept that I will never see him again. Sophie, his sister is a huge comfort. I worry how I will cope when she goes. The vet has told me that she won't live much longer. I found this hard to believe, until the other day when completely out of the blue she had a mini stroke. That pulled me up sharp. Only a short while before she had been chasing the wind in the garden. For a 13 year old dog she certainly has some energy. As it stands now I will love and enjoy her company while she is here, and not worry about the future. Much to my relief she recovered from the mini stroke within an hour or two. I knew she was okay as she was demanding food.
I thought she was going to join her brother, Boyden. I've been aware of his presence quite a few times since he died. Not so long ago, as I was walking upstairs, I heard doggy footsteps behind me. I thought it was Sophie. I thought she was down the garden, the next thing I knew I felt a rush of wind go past me, but no dog! Boyden always followed me wherever I went when he was alive. There were no doors or windows open in the vicinity of the stairs. I knew at once it was him and felt comforted.
The night of the day when Sophie had the mini stroke, I was walking from the kitchen into the lounge, (I have to walk through the dining room to reach the lounge). I glanced into the dining room and saw Boyden, he was standing looking at me. To say I was shocked is an understatement. It was so totally unexpected. He was there but he wasn't, if you understand what I mean, he appeared in ghostly form.It was the first time I had actually seen him since he died. He looked at me and disappeared. I felt overjoyed to see my boy, and know it will happen again.
Boyden & Sophie - they were always close
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