Friday, 8 January 2016

Another unexplained happening


After my dog Boyden died in June 2013, I found it very difficult walking the familiar walks I used to take with him and his sister, Sophie. I would always get upset.  After a few months, I started going on them again. It was heartbreaking following in his footsteps. Memories hung in the air all around me. His sister also seemed lost and would search the tracks as if seeking him out.
When Boyden died, we had only lived at our present address a couple of months. Our previous house is about a ten-minute walk away. In fact, I used to walk from our previous place down near to where we moved.
One day I walked in the direction of the old house with Sophie as we drew near where we had lived she started to pull on her lead frantically. I knew strangely enough that she thought if she walked through the front door of the house she would find her brother. Trying to walk her home was extremely difficult as she constantly pulled to go back! 
Sophie was always a sensitive little soul. She died in February 2014. I still miss her but know that she is now reunited with her brother. She missed him terribly after he died and would frequently go on a search of the house looking for him.

Country walks
In April of  2014  I bought a Golden Retriever dog. George. Because he was nervous of the traffic (the roads are busy where I live), I always took him for his walks in the countryside. I began to realise recently that this was not fair to him as he needed to toughen up. I started to take him more local walks. One day I walked towards where I used to live and unbelievably George started pulling me on his lead towards our old house. I was astonished as this was the first time since I had taken Sophie there the year before. George had never ever been anywhere near to our old home. To this day, I don't know how the dog realised that was where I used to live. Unless of course he sensed something coming from me as we approached the area. Dogs are very sensitive creatures, some are even psychic. I can only put what happened down to an unexplained happening.

Boyden - sadly no longer with us

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