Thursday, 22 January 2015

Embroidery projects to do and finished ones for sale.

Blithfield Bird Sanctuary 
Beside the reservoir - autumn 2014

This is one of my favourite photographs. Yesterday I made a transfer of it. I remembered to reverse the image before printing it! I had previously prepared a piece of white cotton material, which I  backed with iron on interfacing. I allow at least two inches all round allowing for distortion when using freestyle embroidery.
Before pressing the transfer on I ensured the material was free of hairs (my dog constantly sheds hair, even though she is brushed regularly). I use masking tape to ensure the surface is clear. If a hair is left either between the interfacing, or on the actual transfer when it's on the material it's almost impossible to remove it. It's not a problem if it's in an area that you're going to embroider, but I've found them in the sky before now! I've started from scratch when this has happened.
If you are interested in any of the embroideries please email

Wild flower meadow at Blithfield 2012

Here's another favourite photograph. I'm looking forward to embroidering this picture.
 I have prepared the material the same using the methods I detailed above
I will add a few beads to the front of the picture after first embroidering the background with freestyle embroidery and a little hand embroidery.

Blithfield April 2014

I've prepared this picture exactly the same as the previous ones above. The transfer has turned out a little dark so I will use fabric paints to lighten it if the cottons don't work a miracle for me.
I will highlight the foreground with yellow and green beads.

 Fiery Sky £20.00
I painted this picture a year or so ago. I highlighted it with freestyle embroidery and embellished it with beads afterwards.

Another Fiery Sky! £20.00
On the same theme as the above but without the addition of the beads. I enjoyed painting and embroidering these two picture so much I may well do another one.
On the way to Longdon fishing lodge - Cannock Chase
Worked in freestyle embroidery on a transfer.  

Longdon bluebell woods - £15,00
I've recently finished another embroidery of this scene. It will be a gift for someone I know. I do vary repeat picture a little to make them individual. This is worked on a transfer from a photograph.
 If you are interested in any of the embroideries please email

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