Saturday, 13 September 2014

Amazon Discussion Forums - Meet Our Authors

I decided to write this blog because someone mentioned that it's so difficult to find the Discussion threads on Amazon now. She had noticed that they are no longer mentioned in the menu bar at the top of the book pages. I had noticed that Meet Our Authors is no longer mentioned at the bottom of the page - where the most frequently mentioned threads are given a mention. I wonder why? Are Amazon thinking of dropping the Discussions?
The MOA stands for Meet Our Authors on the Amazon Discussion Forums. Should readers see the title and visit the Discussions they would expect to do exactly that, meet authors. Instead, they are greeted with pages filled with promotions and just a couple of chat threads. MTM's thread and this one. Mine is on the UK Discussion Forum of Meet Our Authors,  My Books - Carol Arnall - Continued. Any reader visiting wouldn't bother to come back would they? I have chatted to a few readers, but they say they get fed up of seeing the same books promoted week in and week out. I have pointed out that authors have to promote regularly in case new people happen to find this thread. Many won't bother to look back on the threads to find a book among the thousands advertised.

It's like anything that needs promoting, our books need to be mentioned somewhere on a regular basis or no-one will be aware that they are there. But if readers don't know about the MOA is there any point in promoting? IMO, yes, unless you another way of marketing works for you. But not on every single thread in one day! That's overkill. A bit like some products that you see on the television constantly advertised.
ETA, but unless people start a few interesting chat threads that might catch reader's attention then they certainly won't return. 
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