Tuesday, 5 November 2013

One of my reviews for my book - The Other Place -only 64p!

Available from Amazon Kindle. 

From the start Chrissie is a sweet, but complex girl with many phobias and as a result she's quite a loner. She's close to her sister Babs, and has an imaginary friend Amy, who has become her soul-mate. Becoming fearful she's being stalked, she is also tormented by latent vague memories of something unpleasant having happened to her as very young child. Her weak mother, Lilly and mean stepfather Alf, appear to afford her and her sister no kindness or consideration whatsoever. Babs seems to cope better than Chrissie with this tear jerking situation.

As the years pass, in order to find out more about what her problems are, she eventually goes to see hypnotherapist, Barbara, who helps her to transgress into a past existence. This is where I began to occasionally get confused about which period in time and which character I was reading about. However this eased as the book progressed, and by half way through, I'd become utterly enthralled with Chrissie's two very different lives.
As it dips in and out of the past and present, things do begin to reveal themselves, to slowly answer many of her questions. Mine too.
This book is quite a page turner, and as the storyline develops, involving many twists and turns, Chrissie's emotional journey of self discovery often becomes quite heart-rending.

To find out what happens, where "the other place" is, and what ghosts she has to lay to eventually find peace of mind and happiness in love, you simply must read the book yourself.
I think different people will probably have very different psychological experiences from reading this evocative story. It is masterfully written, and I congratulate Carol Arnall on its uniqueness. It has also converted me to possibly consider reading more of this genre.

                                                                   Out in paperback soon.
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