Saturday, 10 November 2012

Tribal Gathering

The book contains eight short stories. The stories are set in an imaginary West African republic, Nibana, which has been given independence by the British, and is undergoing the painful process of finding its own feet. The problems of bribery, corruption and governmental incompetence are typical of almost every newly-independent African country. The people described are typical of the peope in those countries.

Below is an extract from a review for Kenneth C Ryelands, book Tribal Gatherings.

Reviewer’s Comments:
I enjoyed each of the short stories in this compendium. The situations and characters are very real to those who have lived in Africa, and the stories allow the reader to understand many things in a new way, whether one is an African or an expatriate. The situations are clear expositions of ordinary events in Africa, not only of that time, but also now, and the handling of these situations is realistic and an accurate rendering of how things are. Reviewing this book has given me a desire to read all of Kenneth Ryeland’s works. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn more of the reasons why the situation in Africa is as it is, as well as to anyone who simply wants a good read.

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