Tuesday, 27 March 2018

The start of a painting, sewing and embroidery project.

 Painting, sewing and embroidery project.


 Cut a piece of material to your required size. I have used a piece of cotton material. You could also use calico.
I then painted a picture on the material using fabric paints that I would use in the project. If you are not interested in painting use a picture from some material of your choice.
Cut the material (or your chosen picture) into strips and pin and tack them to the base fabric. You don't have to be precise about the size of the strips as you can mix and match to make the project more interesting.

 For this project I have painted a country scene and cut and tacked it to the base material with blank material in between.
 A couple of strips ready to be cut to size for the project.
Today I hope to machine the strips to the base fabric. 
Before I pin and tack the project I cover the painted fabric with paper before I press it.
Here's a picture I painted ready to cut into strips to be used in the project. When I have sewn the strips it to the base material I will add to paintings and embroider the pictures.