Tuesday, 15 May 2018

A few photographs I will use to inspire my painting and embroidery.

 If anyone wants to buy an embroidery please email me for details on carol.arnall@ntlworld.com
I was inspired by the sky to paint and embroider the first embroidery above.
The 2nd embroidery is a mix of acrylic paints, gold paint. I cut out small circles of material and made the added flowers.
The third epainting and embroidery I based on one I saw in a book, Layer, paint and stitch. I was quite pleased with the effect I achieved.

I take photographs and videos and use them to inspire me for my embroidery and painting.

Here's a video I took recently https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MisS0HrqRfY 
It will be a reminder later in the year of the morning light and bluebells when I sit down to start a painting. Below are a few inspirational photographs.

Here's another inspirational photograph to keep me going.

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