Friday, 11 August 2017

Instructions for a small hand felted needle picture

Instructions for a small hand felted needle picture

The Heather on Cannock Chase, Staffordshire

The materials I used for making the picture

                                                                Wool for the sky

The sky partly felted with the needles
Hand felted with the needle tool
Felting the fields

I've added the heather and adjusted the background.

The completed picture. 
I tried adding machine embroidery but it did not work out.

Amazon link for felting mat and needle tool

How I made the picture.

I used a piece of felt  7” x 7”
I separated the roving wool for the sky, fields and heather.
In the background I felted green for the fields and added small pieces of white to give it a misty effect.
In the foreground I used lilac wool.
I did try to do some freestyle machine embroidery on the picture but it left holes and the felt pushed against the needle. 
The picture took me around two and a half-hours to make.
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