Monday, 19 June 2017

I have changed my mind about Theresa May


Friday, 23 June 2017

More thoughts on Theresa May

Fortunately, the day of rage march in London was a bit of a damp squib. They wanted a million marchers to join them. Luckily people saw sense and respected the Queen and Prime Minister and ignored the threat of agitators who were out to cause unrest in a Capital city that has known nothing but unrest and suffering to last it a lifetime in the last few months. Although policing the small march did take police away from important other duties. According to quite a number of papers Corbyn supported the rent a mob. I don't know if that's true or not. I do know that he wants to bring the government down. He's already said that he will oppose everything Theresa May brings before Parliament (I bet he wouldn't refuse a pay rise for MPs if she offered it. He wouldn't vote that down!) How can anyone who wants the top job in the country (God help our wonderful country if he gets it.) say they are going to oppose everything that is presented in Parliament before he knows what it is? Only an uneducated fool would come out with a statement like that. Everything that the PM is working on now is for the good of our country. Labour are the only party that has bankrupted our country when in power. They overspent when they were last in Government. Brown did no good either as for Blair we know what happened when he was in power.
For people to say that the PM lacks empathy is ridiculous and proves that they do not know the calibre of the woman. True, she did not immediately visit the people of the Tower block, she went and saw what the emergency services needed and went back to her office to get things underway as fast as she could. She also kept in constant touch with the hospitals from the morning of the event. She wanted to visit the sick and injured in hospital but doctors advised her not to go each time she asked. She did ask the day it happened. Hardly a lack of empathy.
Theresa May has never worn her heart on a string, she keeps her feelings hidden and carries on working as the practical person that she is. Sure, she could stand there and cry for the cameras, but that is not her way. She leaves that to Corbyn & co because she not like that she needs to get on with her job, fast. But, she does care and she is already achieving much in the way of help for the victims of the tragedy. She has also visited them and had meetings with many of them about the help they require.
 I heard Harriet Harmen (Labour) saying that Mrs May should get on and have the other flats in the country checked for the dangerous cladding. I thought which planet do Labour live on? Even I had heard that the other flats were all being checked. In fact that very day Mrs May had read out the first report. Typical Labour.
I heard that Jeremy Corbyn has refused an offer to attend an event for our service men this weekend in Liverpool. Instead he prefers to appear as a 'hero' on stage at Glastonbury. The hero tag was given to him for going to the tower block. That IMO does not make him or anyone a hero. Now let me say here and now that the heroes of the hour are not the politicians, in my view the firemen, ambulance drivers, paramedics, doctors, nurses, anyone involved at the hospitals and not of course forgetting our wonderful police service. Certainly not Jeremy Corbyn.

I lost faith in Theresa May when she announced in her manifesto that she was stopping the money she gave to pensioners at Christmas and also introducing charges for home care. The home care charges would not be payable until after the person died. This IMO was wrong. It seemed so unfair to me and I decided not to vote for her. Up until then I quite admired her.
I would not vote for Labour. Since Blair went along with Bush and caused the terrible loss of life in Iraq (despite a million people marching against him in London) I vowed never to support Labour again. That was an horrific time and to this day I feel ashamed of my country.
I did vote, but as it is, my not voting did not affect the area where I live, the Conservative MP doubled her vote! Well done to her!
Since the terrible happenings in Manchester and London of recent weeks I have watched the political situation unfold from a distance.
I feel nothing but disgust for Jeremy Corbyn for seemingly trying to make political gain from such a shocking situation. That’s how it appears to me and thousands of others. He has spent many hours sitting in television studios slamming and damming Theresa May. His time would have been far better spent going out and serving the community. But no not him, it seems it’s easier for him to sit in front of a camera and try and put the knife into Mrs May.
Meanwhile, the Prime Minister has worked tirelessly behind the scenes putting together plans to help the poor suffering people who went through hell at the flats. Of course Corbyn has not said, 'well done,' to her, no, he’s still busily trying to get her out of office.
I have slowly changed my views about Theresa May over the last week. I admire her stance. I realise what a good person she is to soldier on despite Corbyn’s best efforts to bring her down. I understand (I’ve read it in the papers, it has to be true!) that he is helping to organise a huge march in London that will take place during the Queen’s speech. I do hope that none of our wonderful police are injured. Corbyn is definitely getting desperate if he is involved in it. I hope I am wrong about the march but as mentioned I have read about it numerous times. Corbyn and any others involved deserve a rocket for causing more work for our wonderful police force. Shame on them. If he is not involved then he could stop it going ahead.
 Meanwhile Mrs May carries on working.
His latest idea is to requisition or compulsorily purchase a block of flats in the expensive area of Kensington. How ridiculous is this? Does he not realise how long this would take? Anything up to two years, and Parliament has to pass it. People more in the know than him are horrified, as by doing this it would affect buyers from overseas investing millions of pounds in our country. Think again, Corbyn.
Plus, he is not thinking straight. Why do I say this? Because it’s quite obvious to everyone apart from him that the reason the people from the flats have not been rehomed so far is because they will not go into hotels or live anywhere higher than the ground floor. Yet stupid, ignorant, Corbyn wants to acquire a block of flats for them. Idiot. He also suggests that they merely walk in and take over the flats. This is encouraging law breaking, and he wants to be a future prime minister. I’m sure all the poor people from the flats do not want a criminal record added to their troubles.
I wouldn’t blame Theresa May if she walked away from the job. I do admire her tireless work in helping the people. Well done to her for ignoring the ignorant Corbyn’s jealous comments and for trying to unseat her. She’s certainly proved herself to be a strong woman. If she does walk away I will say good luck and I will wish her a peaceful future away from derisive comments of Corbyn & Co.
Maybe someone should also inform Corbyn that he lost the election. Labour are sixty seats behind the Conservatives but acting as if they won.
The hatred and anger around the country of recent times is frightening. I can never remember a time like this in my lifetime. I can only hope that soon things will return to something near normal. But while people use social media as a means of spreading evil and hate instead of peace it will continue. Perhaps politicians could show the way and show more respect for others, or perhaps I should say themselves.

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