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Have you ever wondered why only certain individuals appear to have the gift of mediumship?
Have you ever wondered just what mediums see and hear when they receive messages from the spirit world?
All can now be revealed in this ground-breaking new book from the spirit counsellor - and the answers will shock even the most experienced of spirit workers.
Join the spirit counsellor on his quest to seek answers to the questions that nobody dared ask before and discover the remarkable link between spiritualism and science that will redefine everything that you ever thought possible. 

‘I am no more important than the humble earth on which I stand. I am no more intelligent than the beleaguered dog that chases its own tail. I am no more divine than the man who stands before his god and asks for forgiveness. I am no richer than the hungriest child, bravely flourishing on a diet of unconditional love.’
‘For I am no more than an average Joe; a man with no greater aspiration than the reader of these words. I do not bring you hope; I do not offer you wealth, nor do I bring forth love or happiness. All I can offer you within the confines of this text is knowledge; for it is your choice what you do with this knowledge – just as it has always been.’

So what’s this big secret then? What’s this 2012 thingy that everyone and their uncle are busy preparing for, yet not truly grasping with any real understanding? Well, there is widespread talk of Mother Nature flexing her muscular frame and bellowing a tirade of meteorological disasters upon all and sundry – a prediction that was apparently made by the ancient Mayan civilisation many centuries ago. But just why this abhorrent catalogue of destruction has been procrastinating since the days of mass human sacrifices and beautifully sculpted temples is frankly beyond even my open-minded scope of reasoning. Although, it is true to say that the whole episode does make for an enticing backdrop for a Hollywood blockbuster.
So, is there any truth in this apparent recurring cycle of events that may end all life on earth? In a word – no. Why? In two words – it’s bullshit! My apologies to any paranoid archaeological historians; any demented religious groups who have avidly been preparing for Armageddon; any Hollywood scriptwriters who have still to jump on last year’s bandwagon; the many gothic teenagers who portray death as the new iconic fashion, and last but not least – the many millions of deluded souls around this planet who still believe that worshipping an alternative god will send us to our own personal hell.
In reality, the most powerful force in the known universe is hidden somewhere within the mind of every living soul. In reality, if you were to combine the power of each and every soul within this planet, then such a force would be capable of creating or even destroying just about anything. In reality, if millions of souls around this planet firmly believed that in the year 2012 that our natural habitat and way of living was threatened by unknown destructive forces, then that combination of negative thoughts and fears could perceivably cause major concerns for each and every one of us.
But the cause of these actions would not lie at the door of Mother Nature; the cause would in fact be completely man-made. In other words – we would be the cause of our own downfall, just think about that for a moment.
                                            * * * *
The date is now the 4th of January 2012. I had fully intended beginning my book on the 1st of January - as previously directed by my spirit workers, but alas I decided to attend a seasonal party or two and yesterday when I finally decided to switch on my computer all I could see was several keyboards all apparently fighting for the right to invade my partially inebriated thoughts.
Of course this book is important to me; it’s important to my fellow workers and I do hope it can eventually be of some importance to you – the reader. But it’s also important to me personally that I spend time with my family during holiday times, for I have since discovered that being here on this planet, right here and now, is simply an experience, an experience that should always be embraced. We may fear many hardships in the coming months ahead but we must always make sure our calendar of life is filled with the love of friendship and kin and remember that anything else is indeed - only an experience.
For those of you who haven’t read my debut book – ‘An Average Joe’s Search for the Meaning of Life’ (and why haven’t you?) then I suppose I should really fully introduce myself and briefly explain just how my life has brought me to the point of writing this book. My name is David Shaw and I am also known as the ‘spiritcounsellor’. I am 44 years of age in this present physical incarnation and I am married with a seven-year old son, who is one of the most spiritually aware children that I have ever encountered. I am trained in the study of Hypnotherapy, Past-Life therapy, Psychotherapy and Massage therapy. I am also a Deep Trance Medium. I’m pretty sure that most readers of this book will be familiar with the various therapies that I have just mentioned, but I am also willing to bet that very few of you will be well versed in the rather nondescript workings of the Deep Trance Medium.
Being a Deep Trance Medium gives me the opportunity to communicate with those energies thriving in the higher echelons of the spirit world. In other words, I work with spirit energies who have amassed a far greater amount of knowledge than those who have perhaps only recently begun their life-journey. If you were to compare the spirit dimension with that of an educational establishment then a Deep Trance Medium would have access to the university professors.
Please don’t worry too much about Deep Trance Mediumship at this point as I will go into the subject in far more depth in a forthcoming chapter, but right now I would like to introduce to you one of my spirit workers.
‘Mr Chung’ is a spiritual energy from the aforementioned higher realms of the spirit dimension. Mr Chung has worked with me since I began working with trance mediumship many years ago. For those of you who are familiar with the various terms of status within the spirit realms, Mr Chung is deemed an Ascended Master. An Ascended Master is an energy that has evolved through multiple incarnations within many different physical and spiritual dimensions – you did ask!  Basically, Mr Chung only works with trance mediums and his knowledge is second to none. If Mr Chung tells me that our planet is not going to perish in 2012 then I have a 100% guarantee on that. Nevertheless, Mr Chung will be the first to state that you, the reader, must make up your own mind on any matter that will be brought to your attention within this publication. Mr Chung will simply communicate his thoughts through me and I will attempt to translate these thoughts into a prose that is both understandable and concise to any and every reader, regardless of their educational or spiritual ability or indeed understanding. My role in this book is exactly the same as it was in my last publication – simply as a spiritual translator.
If you are wondering why Mr Chung is not known to me as simply ‘Chung’ then you may find the answer both intriguing and inspiring. During many trance sessions Mr Chung has often been asked by various members of his audience if he is an Ascended Master, but has always answered that he is the master of nothing other than his own ability to renounce ego in any shape or form. His education has shown him that ego or status has no recognisable place in the spirit world. Hence, he asks to be recognised as simply Mr Chung in order to avoid any confusion. When you consider that the knowledge already attained by Mr Chung is greater than the combined knowledge attained by the sum of every person presently living in the physical dimension, then it gives you some degree of the dignity that is humbly displayed by spirit people of this calibre.
There were many other spirit people who helped me to write my last book and I am in no doubt that their presence will ‘manifest’ once again and ensure that the information I bring forward is for the good of mankind. Mediumship in any form is simply healing. If any form of mediumship is not intended for the good of an individual dwelling in either the physical or the spiritual dimension then questions must surely be asked.
This book will attempt to show that mediumship is both logical and scientific. Scientists are now beginning to look at energy as something that can operate outside the laws of time and gravity. The laws of physics may appear to only apply to mass, but by looking outside of these predominantly materialistic fields there is a whole new dimension waiting to be discovered.
Of course, many spiritualists will argue that God created the Earth and God governs the spirit world. But what proof do we have regarding these claims? Well, we could always ask Mr Chung!
I have thought long and hard about writing this book. I have spoken to many mediums regarding the information that I am about to bring forward and how it may upset many spiritual workers. I know that many feathers are surely going to be ruffled and I also know that I will be in the firing line of the critical masses of the Spiritualist churches and federations. But I must write this book and it must be written now. Very soon the people of this great world of ours will be looking for answers, and the spirit world must be ready to offer advice and comfort. It is my job to show those in need that life should be judged by what’s really important. The answers to which are very simple ... yet so very difficult to put into practice.                                     
So ‘the worst kept secret ever’ is not that our world is going to crumble under the wrath of Mother Nature, but more likely that we will all endure the effects of our own inability to deal with our materialistic ways. The financial infrastructure that has started to deteriorate throughout our world is on the verge of collapse. Soon everybody will be affected by this development in some way or another and for most of us it will be an extremely difficult period in our lives. But through this book I will attempt to show you that the less materialistic your values are – the closer you will be to your spiritual roots. But as I also stated earlier, I am no more than an average Joe - just a man who wrote a book. I can tell you how great you really are, and how great this world really is – but only you can make it so.


Chapter 2: Old Mediumship

Picture if you will a beautiful white dove standing proudly, showing off its immaculate plumage. The dove’s gracious curves portray a creature not only divine in nature but also immensely attractive to the discerning eye. You may detect an air of elegance emanating from the bird as it occasionally glances in your direction; those eloquent eyes displaying a sincere quality that easily instils a feeling of peace and calm throughout your mind. In a world so often starved of the true sense of love, these creatures signify a coming together of mankind, a brotherhood of individuals and a vision of unity within all souls.
Let’s call our dove ‘Deirdre’! Ha, that quickly brought you out of your ‘sweetness and light’ trance state! Not that I am specifically having a go at anything that implicates a feeling of sweetness and light – but this is just not that sort of book. Additionally, if we are serious about attempting to reinvent mediumship then we must start to look at the fundamental realities of this incredibly endearing subject. And when I say WE, I genuinely mean YOU and I, because we are in this together my friend and between us we will bring forth meaning and reason in a format that truly makes sense – no fantasy, no feel-good factor simply for the sake of it and no false promises of self-fulfilment!
So, whenever we talk of ‘Old mediumship’ we can think of Deirdre the dove. This beautiful creature that may forever signify peace, love and understanding, yet in reality is just an animal that eats, sleeps and makes little doves.
The purists will argue that mediumship is just mediumship, no matter how you wish to re-badge it, and of course they are technically correct. But just try typing the word mediumship into Microsoft Word and you will almost certainly be met with a highlighted grammatical error. This mildly annoying predicament can be easily alleviated by placing a hyphen between medium and ship, which in turn succinctly informs my computer that I’m not actually attempting to build average-sized boats. But I prefer to just right-click upon the offending word, before clicking on Add to dictionary. It’s only really a minor inconvenience but maybe if Microsoft were to read this book and subsequently decide to approve the inclusion of the word mediumship in their accepted vocabulary range, then essentially we won’t lose any more sleep over it.
The point is that if Microsoft doesn’t even know what mediumship is all about then we really do have a big job in our hands when trying to explain the unique concept of probably one of the most natural activities that you and I are ever likely to perform.
Mediumship undoubtedly is vastly misunderstood within the contexts of most people’s thinking and as a consequence is often rather misconstrued as a crude method of talking to ghosts. Mediums are also continually being perceived as ghost busters or eccentric fortune-tellers who regularly scare the living daylights out of bored housewives or the recently bereaved.
In my opinion this nonsensical perception needs to be changed. Soon there will be many individuals searching for a leap of faith and mediumship could well be the ethos desired by mankind.
So if the subject is in drastic need of a makeover then we are going to give it an appropriate facelift. We will strip it down naked, examine it where appropriate and dress it up in a brand new shirt and tie. We are going to show the world that mediumship is new, vibrant, and above all else - totally natural. Not everyone in this industry will agree with what we are attempting to do and you will almost certainly hear muffled cries of derision from the more traditional spiritual workers. Feathers will undoubtedly continue to be ruffled and poor Deirdre may even have to be sedated, but hopefully she will eventually recover, stronger than ever.
I’m not for one moment saying anybody is doing anything wrong, many genuine mediums offer their services for no financial or egotistical gain and should be commended for such a feat. How many other industries offer such a service? Very few indeed, so surely it’s about time that we showed the people of this world that the spirit world is not just a figment of our imagination. Is it not about time that we offered a credible explanation for what transpires in spirit communication? Don’t you think people should stop looking for reasons not to believe in the spirit world and rather start looking for plausible reasons to embrace it?
Whatever your reasons for reading this book, I do hope that it is for the good of mediumship and the good of mankind; above all else - the good of your own well being. Now let us begin by taking the art of mediumship, dissecting it bit by bit, before beginning our revamp. ‘New mediumship’ is all but a few chapters away – now where did I put Deirdre’s cage?
                                            * * * *
Now picture if you will our beautiful feathered friend prepped and anaesthetised for surgery. As the designated surgeons, you and I must perform this complex exploratory procedure on our dear friend Deirdre. Alas, nobody has really dared to open up this ‘can of worms’ (sorry couldn’t resist it!) before, probably because Deirdre has always kept reasonably good health. Therefore as we venture into this great unknown, we must tread carefully to ensure the survival of Deirdre and the preservation of her beloved feathers. Fortunately we know by now that Deirdre can’t die, however by daring to alter any part of her carefully structured anatomy we may find that what lies underneath the exterior of this iconic creature is simply skin and bones.
But if we decide to look closer inside we might find something that will enable others to look at the real issues here; issues that should be based solely on values. And these values are put in place by what we do and why we do things, not because we are perceived as being something we simply are not. Deirdre is no different to any living soul on this planet right now; no different to anyone who falsely thinks that they are entitled to adulation because of title or credence. Similarly, she is no different to the individual who ordinarily aspires to be accepted for simply being who they are.
So what would we find if we opened up ‘mediumship’ right here and now? Would we find the mysteries of life all wrapped up in a golden chalice? Would we find Jesus and Moses smiling at us and wondering why it took us so long to find them? Or would we just find skin and bone, as in the case of poor old Deirdre? I guess there is only one way to find out – so let’s dive straight in, scalpel in hand, full steam ahead!
                                            * * * *
The first thing we notice when perusing the interior of our fine-feathered friend is the brain. The brain is the key element of all bodily functions within any bird, animal or human being currently existing in the physical world. The brain, as most of us will already know, controls how our body should function and act. It also responds succinctly to our senses, all five of them, the most commonly used sense being of course - our vision.
Our vision is controlled by our brain, not our eyes, but by our brain. Light enters our eyes and sends electrical impulses to our brain, which then interprets the image for viewing, rather like a camera. In other words, we really only see what we think we can see. Have you ever stared at an optical illusion? Then you will know that your brain has in fact misinterpreted this strange visual occurrence into something that it clearly is not.
So what’s my point here? Only that if our brain controls our vision then anything that we do see will be interpreted logically and if that interpretation cannot be rationally explained then we honestly and truthfully cannot be certain that we actually saw anything at all.
Clairvoyance:  from the French translation - seeing clearly. Definition of clairvoyance – the power to see things not present to the five senses.     
The translation and definition of the word clairvoyance is rather ambiguous. The power to see something that the brain has failed to fully comprehend can hardly be described as seeing clearly. And here lies the root of the problem with ‘Old Mediumship’ - it just doesn’t make much sense to the academic, or the scholar, or the ordinary man in the street who just wants to understand what clairvoyants actually see and more importantly how they can see something that most people can’t. If our brain does not recognise any message sent from the eyes then naturally it will dismiss this image as not physically existing.
So do clairvoyants actually see spirits wandering around our streets? Do they see ghosts flying over their heads, shouting out ‘Please send me to the light?’ This dilemma is clearly a matter for debate.
Oh my God! Deirdre will be fluttering her feathers all over the place despite the anaesthetic; clairvoyants will be ready to send me hate-mail and the spiritualist churches will have me blacklisted from all of their establishments!
Hold on a second though! I’m not saying that clairvoyants don’t actually see spirits. I’m only suggesting that they don’t receive images through their eyes and ultimately through the process of brain interpretation. Don’t worry guys - all will be revealed in due course!
Clairaudience: from the French translation – hearing clearly. Definition of clairaudience - the power to hear things not present to the five senses.
Our hearing is controlled by our brain, not our ears, but by our brain. Sound waves travel along our ear canals before being changed to electrical impulses that are then audibly deciphered by our brain. In other words we only hear what the brain has interpreted from the received sound waves. Try playing a song backwards and you will find that your brain can’t make any sense of what is being heard.
So, once again the rather obscure meaning of clairaudience is particularly misleading. If our brains fail to recognise any form of logical explanation for a particular sound then it can hardly be deemed to be hearing clearly.
So, do clairaudients actually hear spirit voices? Well, as a medium who has primarily used clairaudience for many spirit readings over many years, I can categorically now say that my brain does not physically hear any spirit people. However, clairaudience is possible if we can understand that not everything perceived by us comes directly from our brain.
Clairsentience: from the French translation – sensing clearly. Definition of clairsentience – the power to sense things not present to the five senses.
Our senses are controlled by our brain, not our nervous system, but our brain. Our nervous system sends electrical impulses to our brain in order to interpret what external source has come into contact with us. Clairsentience in itself is another extremely ambiguous expression as it could be argued that clairvoyance and clairaudience would also fall under the umbrella of the term ‘senses’. Nonetheless, if we are to examine the traditional interpretation of ‘Old Mediumship’ then Clairsentience shall remain as an independent faction of mediumship.
Traditionally, clairsentients can sense spirit people without the need for seeing or hearing clearly. A medium may be touched by spirits or may even smell odours particular to a spirit person. Certain mediums may also sense appropriate emotions associated with a particular spirit individual. It is worth noting that if our brain should receive any signal from one of these particular senses and subsequently fails to interpret the message, then the eyes would automatically be sent to investigate, since our vision is the primary source of our sensory functionality. However, as before, our brains ultimately control all of our senses. So how can a clairsentient medium pick up these signals when our brain can only rationally validate what it can see?
                                            * * * *
The definition of what I would call ‘Old Mediumship’ has remained the same for hundreds of years now. Don’t you think it’s about time that we viewed this most fascinating of subjects from the other side of the fence? Is it not about time that we gave mediumship a chance to show that it has a rightful place in our society, and not pushed into some backwater community centre on a cold, Wednesday night? And isn’t it about time that we all took a good look at our present way of life and asked ourselves the question – Is there more to life than just staying alive? If the answer to any of these questions is yes then we must proceed with our analysis.                                          
Whenever someone I’ve just met asks me what I do for a living, my usual response is hypnotherapist or psychotherapist. I rarely mention author, or God forbid – medium. There is still a certain stigma attached to mediumship that suggests that an individual who ‘talks to the dead’ is rather odd, despite the many mediums that now frequent the eloquent theatres of towns and cities all over the world, and the numerous television programmes that contain paranormal themes. So what’s wrong with being a medium? The simple answer is that the public’s perception of mediumship hasn’t really changed with the times. What the public don’t realise is that mediumship is totally natural and that by fully understanding how a medium receives messages from the spirit world they can actually perform this feat for themselves. What's more, they don’t have to sit in darkened rooms with crystal balls; they don’t have to study the mysterious ways of the Tarot cards and they do not have to believe in any god whatsoever. All anybody ever has to do is switch off that source of power that controls all of our senses and behavioural characteristics and just believe that the possibility of life after death exists. It sounds easy, but in reality it’s not – but it can be done with practice, just like playing a game of football. But until we can show that mediumship is as natural as talking and hearing are, then many mediums will still choose not to disclose their profession.
                                            * * * *
The 2010 film ‘Hereafter’ premiered last week on the UK satellite network. My expectations of this latest Hollywood blockbuster were not particularly high, given the previous efforts by films such as ‘The Lovely Bones’ and ‘The Death and Life of Charlie St Cloud’, which in my opinion depicted mediumship in a rather melancholy light. Nevertheless, I hoped that maybe, just maybe, this particular movie may project a more credible portrayal of the life and times of the working spirit medium. And surprise, surprise – it did, with bells on!
The film centres around three particular characters who all experience strong connections with the spirit world. The main character is George, who strives to live a normal life despite continually receiving messages from the other side. George eventually discovers that he cannot completely ignore his ability to communicate with spirits and eventually decides to embrace mediumship rather than hide from it. I found that I could relate extremely well to George’s perceptions of mediumship on a personal level. My own battle with self-realisation actually bodes well with this particular characterisation and I could fully understand George’s self doubts and dilemmas.
The second character is a French journalist who miraculously survives after a Tsunami strikes the coastal town that she is visiting. She endures a near death experience, which subsequently results in terrible flashbacks where she apparently meets spirit people who died in the aforementioned tragedy. The film suggests that enduring a near death experience can then open up a person’s intuitiveness towards the afterlife.
The third character is a young English boy whose twin brother is tragically killed in a road accident. The boy’s subsequent hunt for a suitable medium to relay a message from his deceased brother takes us on a journey of discovery through the somewhat murky waters of the psychic fraternity. The film brilliantly highlights the many problems endured by someone on a desperate search for answers. There is one unforgettable scene where a platform medium gives a totally embarrassing and condescending message to the youngster, which only goes to highlight that there are good and bad mediums working within this industry, just as there are in any profession. However, our young friend finally meets up with the rejuvenated George, who had since decided to travel to London in order to re-evaluate his decadent lifestyle. After succumbing to the youngster’s persistent pleas for help in contacting his twin brother, George realises that mediumship is positively life changing and not the albatross he once envisaged jumping into the sea with.
Our movie ends with the now customary chick-flick dusting of boy meets girl and waltzing into the sunset. George meets the French journalist who is in town to promote her spiritual book and two souls are united through the power of spirit – albeit with a little help from Hollywood scriptwriters.
There is no doubt in my mind that the writer of this film had researched the subject of mediumship intensely. The portrayal of the medium was tastefully done and showed the viewer that those who practice mediumship have their very own issues to overcome as well as the demands of those in spirit. The writer should also be commended for refusing to end the film with a stereotypical 'sending the spirit to the light’ finale.
So what does this film tell us about mediumship in general? Well, let’s be honest and say that the film doesn’t really offer us any new take on mediumship. It doesn’t suggest that mediumship should be revamped or even stripped down and torn apart as we intend to do. But what it does do is simply highlight what mediumship is all about. It shows clearly and concisely that mediumship is used for healing purposes – to heal those left grieving in this physical existence and also those souls recently departed to the spirit world that may have been denied the chance to properly say goodbye to their loved ones. In other words the film accurately defines what I have been continually referring to as ‘Old Mediumship’ and does what it says on the tin! There are no divine interventions present here, nor do we find demons or devils terrorising drunken teenagers! We are left only with the notion that there definitely is an afterlife and that mediumship connects that place with ours.

All that is missing from the film is an explanation of just how the afterlife can actually connect with our physical existence. But that’s why we are here, that’s why we have poor Deirdre sedated and ready for her makeover and that’s why Mr Chung even bothers to get out of his cosy, warm bed each morning. So let’s now give this amazing subject some substance and let us find out for ourselves just what ‘New Mediumship’ can offer our world that will shake most of society out of this severe financial depression that has clouded our thoughts for far too long.


Fascinating, 23 Jan 2013  
This review is from: NEW MEDIUMSHIP: the spiritual transcripts of an average Joe (Kindle Edition)
Sometimes I read a book about mediumship, spirit guides and the like and I am left feeling like I need more of an explanation than what was offered. This book is different in that I can identify with most of what was written and I can actually understand quiet easily the explanations. I particularly like the last chapter and I am now understanding what I suppose is the meaning of life and I am working out what level I feel I am at. Thank you so much for a very interesting and knowledgeable read, this is certainly a book I will recommend to my like minded friends and my wonderful level 5 mediumship teacher.
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