Friday, 1 August 2014

Amazon UK Discussion Thread

I've just had a look round a few of the threads. The fiction thread has certainly died a death. Only about three posts on different threads today.  I had a glance at the MOA thread, and it's alive and flourishing. It made me remember just how lively the fiction thread used to be when authors used to post on the thread. Not everyone abused the different posts by promoting even when it was allowed. There used to be some really interesting posts. After authors were banned, because Amazon UK followed the lead of the US, the fiction thread virtually died, simply because a few posters started to police the posts, just in case any promos were left. The promos were left accidentally by new authors. It's such a  pity when a few spoil it for others. Of course, I know that this happens in nearly every area of life.
Who knows the fiction thread might come alive again one day. It would be good if it did, and even better if authors weren't accused by the odd one or two posters that they only visit to promote themselves.Although I must admit that one or two promotions every month or so would cause no-one any harm. After all Amazon is in the business of selling as many books as they possibly can. It could only help their sales.
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